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It's not very often that you'll get me talking about underwear and boobs on the blog. As a stubborn prude my friends know exactly how to get me to shut up; talking about anything remotely close to nakedness. Over the summer the Marks and Spencers team took me and a bunch of wonderful blogger friends to Lovebox. After a few drinks the subject of bumps and humps came up (can't remember why, but I guess thats what happens when 10 girls get tipsy together on a Sunday afternoon…).

lace padded bra, here / knickers, here

Fast forward a couple of weeks and Rachel at Marks and Sparks had not only convinced me to come and see the new Rosie for Autograph collection but also to get measured by their in house "boob-whisperer," Julia. I had been told she was somewhat of an expert, but nothing could have confirmed it better than the first thing she said to me (before we'd even sat down); "You are a 34C but you try to wear a 34B because you don't like looking large chested." Well… quite.

lace padded bra, here / knickers, here / full set, here

Julia has been working at the company longer than I have been drinking coffee and in that time as earned a reputation as the woman to talk breasts with. Over our coffee she drops in a number of impressive stats such as the fact that Marks and Sparks sell over 100 million pairs of knickers and bras to the nation each year, and that their bra fitters fit 150,000 women every month (the majority of their stores will have their own master Boob Whisperer but if you're looking to buy online (or avoid getting your kit off in "public") you can try their online measurer here).

When she lets you in on just a fraction of her expertise you start to understand why she's so well respected. Firstly, the most important thing is the underband (waist) of a bra. Think of it as being like the foundations of a house… If your band is travelling up your back, it actually means the bra is too big - it should fit straight and flat across your back. If wired, the cup wire should also sit flat under your boobs and not dig. Digging can actually block lymph nodes, which could be linked to a number of medical problems… Obviously spillage means it's too small… Finally, and most importantly for me - don't be tempted to change size to fit the bra. If you have really full breasts, balcony bras will never work for you, so don't be tempted to go up a size to squeeze them in - etc…Equally with plunge bras - if there isn't anything to plunge it isn't going to work no matter what size you squeeze yourself in to...

Marks and Spencer is where I bought my first bra (a lovely 28AA number in lilac…) and will probably be where I buy my last. Having tried to "run away" to other stores, I always end up coming back. There really is just something for all occasions/circumstances… Take this simple white bra (with matching pants), perfect "in the week wear," and then this red and black one, then this black bralet (perfect "I cannot be bothered but you're in the house so I have to make some effort) wear)…

Marks and Spencer have kindly given me £50 vouchers to give out to 3 lucky winners, ready for you to spruce up your underwear for Christmas. Simply tweet your favourite Marks and Sparks underwear piece (search here) to me @annaelerihart and @marksandspencer, and explain why you deserve to win! Winners will be selected on Monday the 21st of December. 


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