Sandro Stripes

This is a really quick post as it's a bit crazy busy after spending last week in New York (more on that to come) and have returned to a mountain of a "to do" list! Some of you may remember my obsession over the striped animal print jumper I spied on Pinterest some months ago (here and below). Well, I've tracked it down, and, better still it's half price…

stripe and leopard print jumper, here (image via Pinterest)

I have last season's version of this, so how i didn't guess it was from Sandro is beyond me. However, I think it's time for an upgrade. With it being half price it would be rude not to and it will go with everything else I wear too… Only question is, do I buy it or hope that someone I know reads the blog and buys it for me for Christmas?! I suspect the latter option is more hopeful...

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