Christmas A Little Different with Crew Clothing Company

This is my first proper Christmas in the UK for a while, and I'm very excited. Even though I'm off home to my parents for the day itself, I'm insisting on doing everything festive before I do. When Crew Clothing Company got in touch and asked me to share how I'm "Christmassing differently" this year, it's quite simple: I'm going the whole nine yards.

So, armed with my camera and a bucket of Christmas spirit I dragged the boy to Pines and Needles in Battersea Park to get a tree. Choosing one is a very important business (although it took me a while to get him to take it seriously). The decision between a "non dropper" vs a "dropper" is a biggy - do you forsake the Christmas tree smell so that you don't have to hoover every day? After heavy debate we decided it was a chore we're willing to take...

It was unbelievably chilly on Saturday so we were both very much "wrapped up" - I was in my Darlington Coat which I've been living in since it arrived, with my Rondane jumper underneath (as seen here in the previous post). The boy was suitably "outfitted" too, and very pleased with his new Torside Reefer coat and Vintage Chinos

 Lopez came along too, but got himself covered in mud so we head back to the house to clean him up and decorate the tree. We hadn't realised we were both in pretty much identical coats until a friend pointed it out to us, so I made him quick-change into his Hamble Car Coat (super smart, got this a while ago and it's a perfect present because he wears it all, the, time) before doing any more piccies...

We got inside, put the Christmas music on loudly and set about getting cosy - my favourite weekend activity. I changed into my Ailsa jumper dress aka The Most Comfortable Top Ever and he followed suit into his new Padstow Sweater - one of those things every man owns, no? To me it's a bit of a boy-staple...

I mentioned in my last post that we'd created some Christmas punch, lots of you have been asking after it so here is a more detailed recipe (from Gus, as it's completely his territory - I am not allowed near the cocktail shaker and am only just allowed to watch providing I ask limited questions) ...

You will need (to make 3/4):

4 measures of Martell XO cognac
Selfridges Spiced Tea (or similar)
2 measures of Cointreau
Brown sugar
Fresh lemon, cloves and a cinnamon stick

Melt the sugar in saucepan adding 200ml of water, boil down until it makes a thin syrup, keep warm.

Brew the tea with cinnamon and cloves in another saucepan with 200ml of water and reduce to 100ml, add to the the syrup then reduce the mixture until thicker. 

Put 4 cubes of ice in cocktail shaker and pour over Cognac and Cointreau adding lemon juice and 1 egg white, shake well. 

Once cooled add your sugar and tea syrup to shaker and shake well again.

Serve over ice with powdered cinnamon and a twist of lemon to garnish

Cocktails in hand, it was time to decorate the tree (him) and wrap up some presents (me). Crew Clothing Company have some really good bits for the "hard to buy fors" in your list. Who doesn't need a pair of Sunday trousers or some proper winter thick socks with a matching hot water bottle (here - just do it)? I can't reveal too much as our friends and family actually do have these presents coming, but lets just say we're very confident our gifts are going to go down well…

After that we were all set for an evening in; ready for Christmas and even more ready to watch Love Actually, The Holiday and Elf (and quote the films throughout). Hope you're just as prepared for the 25th, and if not do have a look at Crew Clothing Company's gift offerings here, they've got some super bits… 


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