Port Isaacs and Polzeath

The last few weeks have been pretty busy, not just for myself but the whole family. I'm not sure if I told you that my little sister did something I am pretty envious of. She took 6 months off from a pretty cool job and went and lived in Africa. In that time she experienced a hell of a lot; from malaria to monkeys stealing her shoes (if any of you are interested, this Instagram feed is for the reserve she lived on for 3 out 6 months). Any way, she came home a few weeks ago and along with the parents (who have been very busy running up and down the M4 to help my Mamgu) we decided to escape the city and go to Cornwall for a long weekend for some long awaited family time...

Everyone else did the cleverer thing and drove down, I took the train. Lopez and I spent most of the journey sat on the floor by the toilets with our heads in each others armpits to avoid loo-smells. But we arrived at our cottage in Bodmin (Mum and Dad tried out Air BnB for the first time and absolutely loved it) on the Friday evening. It was like being in "The Holiday"as you can see from the pictures below - with big fires and a huge family kitchen (and a lot of Baileys and hot chocolate). Any one thinking of a cute weekend away should check out the same place here.

October is one of my favourite months of the year weather wise but I couldn't have predicted how lovely it was going to be all weekend. We drove to Port Isaacs on the Saturday morning for a wonder around the fishing town and could have got away with not wearing coats. I had just got my grey coat from Atterley out of the cupboard from last year though, so was insistent on wearing it. Equally, my new khaki and navy Breton shirt is pretty much glued to my body at the moment (and is now in sale for half price which for J Crew is awesome - here). Sophie came along for the ride, as did my trusty coral Nike trainers (which are years old, but these will do as a sturdy copy).

I have a bit of an obsession with gift shops found a new favourite in Port Isaacs. Kiln is tucked away behind the harbour in the middle of the town and well worth a visit. Its the kind of store you could happily buy everything in and, as per the name, all of the crockery and pottery is made in a kiln at the back. Check out their Instagram here, but be prepared to want to buy all of the stationery and soaps!

Next up we drove to Polzeath for a bit of what we British do best; brace the cold (definitely windier on the beach) and pretend it's summer. My sister braved surfing, I stayed inland and posed for pictures (naturally).  Lopez had a great time sorting out the hierarchy between all the other dogs, which to anyone who was there I whole heartedly apologise for… After a big hot chocolate in Rock we went home for homemade curry and crumble before playing cards until we were too tired to keep count of scores...

It was so nice to spend some time with family, even though we all live in London we rarely spend time as a four. Obviously within minutes I as the one with the job no-one understands with a penchant for selfies was the subject of all the jokes, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'm very lucky to have a (slightly bonkers) great family who actually enjoy each others company. For a weekend at least!

Shop my outfit by clicking on the below images (or if this isn't supported in your browser use the text links):

coat, Atterley / jeans, Topshop / trainers, Nike / breton, J Crew (on sale, £24) / bag, Sophie Hulme at Monnier Freres

Thank you to Nick for making your home super lovely for us all (check it out here), and to Blue Tomato for making possibly the best hot chocolate ever eaten!

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