Navy Sleeveless Jackets

This autumn I am making very few purchases. My wardrobe is busting at the seams and I've been given strict orders to downsize. I'm not sure how it happened, and it isn't like I've got piles of stuff I've bought in sales I haven't worn. I have lots of the same thing, but they're too good to give away. I'll be gradually selling bits on eBay and Vestiaire etc, but I'm definitely not buying anything before I've sold 10 things. In fact lets make that the ratio - 10 things gone, 1 new.

So, with that in mind my "one thing" is going to be a navy sleeveless coat. I've been storing up images of people in them on my Pinterest for a few months and bookmarking pieces I've found for a while… For a start they look to be unbelievably simple to wear. Essentially just put on your outfit and plonk it on top. For me and my job it's perfect as I spend the majority of my time in jeans and striped tops - if I put one of these with it (and some nice ankle boots like these) then all of a sudden I'm ready for business. Basically I want to look like Camille above, and this lady below. Pretty please.

So, I've had a bit of a traipse around and this is what I have found. First up, Jaegar needs a serious mention. Their one is beautiful, and if anyone if conscious of exposing their arms the slightly capped shoulder will solve all complexes/hang ups - find it here at John Lewis. A notch down on the price point front is this Adam Lippes piece at The Outnet. Anyone who doesn't know about this designer really should - his tailoring is exceptional and worthy of an investment. Topshop have a couple of strong options. This one from their premium is lovely with the fur detail, and this one is good too for £50. An excellent "proper high street" option includes this one from New Look and this from Mango. On the other end of the scale this Lanvin baby is made from the hair of beautiful, angelic eunuchs from cashmere and will make you feel really rather excellent.

!NB since posting I have found this amazing one from River Island for £45!

Incase you missed the round up, here is a shopable gallery of all the picks made in this post:

Enjoy shopping (sorry not sorry), and I have added in links to other products featured in the photos where I can figure out their source (underneath the photos)!



Anonymous said...

Love this look have immediately bought the Topshop one!

Anonymous said...

Very nice and indeed quite stylish to wear these. I did a double take on the bag the blond girl is carrying as it would be perfect and stylish for work. I can't see the label in the pic. Is it from a particular blog or. Pinterest, how do. I trace this back please? Thanks Mimi

Anonymous said...

Disappointing to see that you do not take time to answer questions from your readers...

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