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Apologies for the blogging hiatus; I've been a bit manic with the day job. Lots to blog though, as having spent a lot of time on trains and planes recently I've had a lot of time to think and plan what I want to be wearing for autumn (my favourite time of year). If someone had told me five years ago when I started the blog that I'd not only want to be wearing a leather dress, but I'd ever be actively encouraging others to, I'd have laughed. Leather was for the skinny-littles of this world - certainly not for me. But I'm now the proud owner of two having hunted them down after seeing so many on my favourite people. It was this picture below that first had me hankering for one:

get the look: leather pinafore, here / white shirt, here

Granted, I wouldn't wear a white maxi dress under mine but it certainly made me realise that leather dresses don't have to be an enormous statement and can just replace cottons and denims and be worn in the same, relaxed manner. I sought out this one from Atterley to give the pinaford/office look a go and am so far extremely happy with it, pairing it up with my white shirts (this one from Hobbs is a winner if you havent got one already) and breton tees (this one from the new collaboration between Claudie Pierlot and Saint James is the bomb, and if you don't already own a breton I suggest you take a good, hard look at your life and assess why on earth you haven't adopted one already). As soon as I stand still long enough I'll take some pictures and put them on the blog… Of course, you can also "dress up" with leather as Olivia P shows off here…

get the look: leather wrap, here / dress, here / sunglasses (exact ones), here

This prompted me to invest in this Reiss leather dress, as it made me realise that you can dress for an evening in leather and not look like a hooker (no offence to hookers, you work it well). I guess what I'm saying is; don't me afraid of the skinned-stuff. I'm not the same shape as either of the above, but I feel awesome in leather. If you're trying it out for the first time (as I appreciate it can be quite an investment), check out this Topshop dress. I've tried it on for real and you'd never know it's faux leather - bargain!

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Unknown said...

We have the same problem, having a day job while trying to keep your blog alive isnt an easy task. Anyway, You look so fabulous!!


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