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Not sure about you but I've suddenly got the "bug" for getting sh*t done. I'm driving my housemate a bit nuts with all the eBay packages flying out the door, and the endless piles of stuff for the post office. Some people have spring cleans, but for me autumn is the time for a an audit. It doesn't just stop with actual stuff too, I'm having a bit of a health kick as well. 

leaves outside my house last week :)

I'd been wanting to try and Chris James 3 day detox for ages (having done the 12 day version before and feeling like a new woman afterwards…) but finding the time between trips and events has been tricky (lovely problem to have). Having just finished it I can honestly tell you it's given me the kick I need to get fully fit and healthy - autumn is here (my favourite time of year) and with it comes fresh mornings and perfect temperatures for exercising outside.

To get myself extra motivated I've spent some time sorting out my kit. For ages I would just buy something that would make do but I having invested a bit of thought into it I'm much more tempted to actually wear it - and get out the door to do some exercise (work top recommendations below). I really think wearing some colour or something exciting can instantly lift your mood if like me exercising is something you hate to start with (but feel incredible, and smug, afterwards). Here are some recommendations...

You can see I haven't exactly gone crazy colour wise, I'm still not looking to draw too much attention to myself! In fact I'm really into camouflage stuff at the moment, not sure why. These Nike leggings and top tick the box nicely, as does this running zip top. It doesn't have to be expensive, H&M have some great stuff like this pink yoga/fitness vest and seamless running top are £20 or less. In fact, my favourite yoga top was £10 from them and a few years on is still going strong. Other new brands (for me at least) are We Are Handsome, Alo Yoga and Beyond Yoga - pleasantly surprised as the quality of brands like Forever 21's offering too… Lastly, if you're looking for the ultimate or ultimate sports bras (for people around a C cup) then this Stella McCartney x Adidas one is the bees knees.

working out with Anneli of Sustain The Glow at Limewood / Herb House Spa

Other things that are definitely lifting my motivation include Millie Mackintosh's new book, Made. Millie offers great little tips for working out, eating in and staying healthy… Really recommend it as a great read. Similarly, my friends at Sustain The Glow have been writing some great stuff recently - but their ultimate arm work out still remains one of my favourite workout pieces. Ooh and a sneaky little tip for you, I've been doing some of Kayla Itsines' workouts (which are amazing; not for the faint hearted but they work) after finding one of the programs online for free here - usually they're about £70 a download!

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Natalia said...

Love this post! I am feeling that getting sh*t done "bug" too! x

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