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cotton and silk mac, Reiss / jeans, Topshop / lace top, Reiss / shoes, Superga x Liberty / rucksack, Reiss / sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

This is my last Paris post, I promise. As this post goes live I'm on my way to a place that couldn't be further from the French capital - the Outer Hebrides - enjoying some true digital down time. Lopez is coming too and given how much he loves going "home" to Pembrokeshire I have a feeling Scotland is going to blow his little, fluffy mind… Any way, here is what we got up to on Sunday. It started off as a pretty miserable grey day so we had a leisurely breakfast before hitting the streets.

cotton and silk mac, Reiss / jeans, Topshoplace top, Reiss / shoes, Superga x Liberty / rucksack, Reiss / sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

We wondered around the 1st arrondissement and through the infamous Lourve courtyard before heading south of the Seine to visit a little hidden gem (although have since found out it's not that hidden, but I'd never heard of it before)… Outfit wise I was plodding around town in my new Superga x Liberty trainers which went perfectly with my mac from Reiss. I'm not a floral or a print person so I was worried I looked a bit mumsy in them, but looking back on these photos it's made me want to get even more of them… And for the record you can walk for miles in them, as I did.

Over the bridge and walking through the front gardens of Hotel des Invalides, we arrived at Musee Rodin. When we got there we thought it might be a bit of a disappointment as its being refurbished and the main exhibition is closed until November, but the gardens are absolutely beautiful and the sun came out just in time!

 cotton and silk mac, Reiss / jeans, Topshop / lace top, Reiss / shoes, Superga x Liberty / rucksack, Reiss / sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

I was pretty impressed with myself as I would consider myself at all knowledge about art and sculpture, but I instantly recognised The Thinker (Le Penseur… and the restraint required it took not to pose like every statue was immense) and the Gates of Hell and Burghers of Calais. Besides the statue, the gardens were super beautiful and a welcome calm from the hustle and bustle of central Paris. It's really cheap to go and visit, check out the website here.

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Next up we hopped in a cab back to the 1st arrondissement as I couldn't go to Paris and not have a drink in the cafe outside Palais Royale. My family absolutely love Paris and it's quiet a special city for us - we've been going to this place for decades. I'm pretty sure I ordered one of my first alcoholic drinks here… You can see from the photos below you couldn't really get a more stereotypical French place. Old ladies sit around you balancing their cigarettes against the tables whilst eating croque monsieur and drinking espressos. In a typical Parisian way, you feel slightly like you don't belong and are being stared at as a foreigner - something I love about Paris.

jeans, Topshop / lace top, Reiss / shoes, Superga x Liberty / rucksack, Reiss / sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

We then walked through the Palais Royale itself which is equally special for me as the black and white columns have acted as height measurements for my sister and I as there are photos that document us here over the years getting taller and taller (watching my "little" sister gradually be able jump over higher columns than me was one of the grander frustrations of my childhood - she's 6 inches taller than me).

Finally we ended up in another place we've been going to for years. My mum desperately didn't want me to blog about it as its her "hidden gem." Walk through the backstreets from Palais Royale and then the arcades around Opera and you'll eventually get to Bouillon Chartiers. As preparation, you need to lose all sense of logic and time to enjoy this - this is so French you find yourselves giggling about it for no real reason throughout lunch.

A former soup kitchen, Chartier is over a hundred years old and serves to give the Parisian locals a decent French meal for a reasonable price. I've been coming here all my life and bar obvious technology improvements (that said, using a card machine came in 10 years later than everywhere else) nothing has changed. The menu is simple, staple French food, the waiters are fantastic, ageing, rude comedians - and the "seating plan" is in accordance to the amount of space left in the restaurant. If you are a couple you will be sat next to another one rather than the spare table behind you. It takes some getting used to.

We ate and drank to our hearts content (3 courses, aperitifs and a bottle of red for two was 60€ with service) before heading back to the hotel for a cuddle with Kleo, one of Le Bristol's famous cats (below). She wasn't as excited as I was that we matched outfits and was much more fussed about me opening the ballroom door for her (the problems of pedigree Parisian felines, eh?). After yet another Aperol Spritz in the garden, we head for Gare du Nord to get home. Neither of us really wanted to go, we had such a brilliant time - we'll be going back soon (but not too soon, as the Instagram smugness got a bit intense even for me…).

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Unknown said...

I must get back to Paris soon.

Love the fade you got on some of those images, very pretty. I am off to France on Monday and will be road tripping around the South.

Ah1997 said...

I too have been visiting France for many years with my family, and this year I went with my boyfriend too. It was a magical experience. Reading this post gave me so many post-Paris blues! I've just posted about my Paris trip too if you'd like to read it :-)

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