Saltspin Denim Part 2

So here is part two (of three) of my tie up with jean brand Saltspin. As I said in my first post I was pretty dubious when they approached me promising me they'd be my new everything. I was already pretty happy with my jean collection and was actually having a bit of a guilt trip about the number of pairs I owned. Now being the proud owner of three pairs, I have to say they weren't far wrong...

This black pair are probably my favourite. For a start you could completely get away with them as trousers. The fabric is super soft and looks sort of velvety, I got away twice this week with them in "no denim" venues which felt stupidly rewarding. They "hug" you rather than "cling" to you… I'm hoping that makes sense to you because there really isn't any other way I can think to describe it. More than anything, I just feel really good in them and with my shape (I have a bum, and its not very forgiving, and my thighs aren't exactly supermodel standard) thats quite a compliment to the brand. 

For this shoot I wore them with an Etro shirt I found in my wardrobe last week. In truth I bought it in a sale and didn't realise there was a side zip so didn't think it fitted me until my housemate pointed it out a few weeks ago! You can't really see from the photos (note to self; never try and photograph black and white outfits in direct sunlight) but it's got a couple of leather panels on it… I love it. The shoes are oldies but goodies from L.K.Bennett, if you like the look I found these current season ones here that are  quite similar. Sunglasses (in the first pic) are from Max and Co, and the bag is from Anthropologie.

In case you missed it, Saltspin and I are giving you lot a chance to win your three favourite pairs of jeans (similarly I will be posting mine on the blog). Simply visit their site here, and then drop me a line (here) with your details, sizing and your denim choices - for extra points follow us on Instagram (me here, them here). Full terms and conditions are on this post, but the winner will be selected at random and announced on Twitter on Wednesday the 12th of August.

Psst -  if you can't wait till then, you can get 25% off with the code ANNA25 until the end of the month!

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