Outfit: Topshop Ghostbuster

Last week I went along to a breakfast at Claridges to find out more about Gemmyo, a new (for us) made to order jewellery company.  Fred was there too which was brilliant as I really haven't seen enough of this girl recently. We used to work together at Vestiaire and have been friends ever since, I'm stupidly excited about her wedding next month in France. She's recently set up a new consultancy called She Unleashed which is a flying success, if you haven't already seen it check it out here.

After breakfast we did what bloggers do best and slipped down an alley to take some snaps.  Fred is one of those girls that just brings a smile to your face, which you can probably see from the images. It was one of those days that you just didn't know how to dress, London has been pretty unkind to us in that respect for the last few weeks. As I was running around town all day I decided to go with possibly the easiest piece of clothing I own to wear; my new Topshop jumpsuit.

I've noticed a lot of the girls in London have been wearing the green version (here) but when I popped in between meetings a couple of weeks ago I spied it in cream.  When I say it's comfortable it really doesn't do it justice. A guy friend of mine told me I looked like a Ghostbuster, but I really don't care. Especially you're too busy "working" (giggling like a child in the street whilst taking photos of yourself). Blogging is a strange, strange occupation at times...

My sunglasses are new favourites from Marc by Marc Jacobs (expect to see a lot of these on the blog as since losing my Jimmy Choo x Carerras for the FOURTH time I decided it was time to give up and find a new pair).  The sandals were a sample sale find a few months ago, they killed my feet the first few times I wore them but the pain was totally worth it. I'm not an enormous fan of the "red soled"look, but these don't look that Louboutin-like which is why I bagged them the minute I saw them. Have a super week, kids!

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