Outfit: Sea-ing Blue

There has been a distinct lack of outfit posts over the last week, apologies! This is mainly because Anneli and I have been so busy we haven't met up and therefore we haven't had our useful photo sessions… Here is a quick snap of an outfit from last week whilst bumbling around Clapham with my housemate. The top is from Zara (they have them in every colour possible and I have had to restrain myself not to buy them all) and this denim one is super handy for throwing on at weekends. The skirt is Sea NY (hence the title). Bit obsessed with this brand (I wore this jumper in a post a couple of weeks ago) and wearing as much of it as possible. I bought the skirt from Vestiaire Collective for something silly like £40 (retail value is about £150). Happy days… 

Shoes and bag are from Anthropologie; developing a huge crush on their clothing. People often forget they do more than just cool crockery and candles, do not make that mistake. The sandals are now reduced to £30, find them here. Some of their new stuff is insane, check it out here. Sunglasses are Jimmy Choo, my favourite eyewear brand - I think they're called Cindy and you can find them here.  Hope you guys have a super week!

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Josie said...

I love that little top! Kind of gutted that I didn't see it in store. Also sad that the weather means we can't wear outfits like this any more... x

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