Love Her Look: Blazing Green

It's been a while since I've done a Love Her Look post as I've been so busy at work and with the blog that I've barely had any time to update my Pinterest account. But today I managed to squeeze in a 30 minute catch up and noticed this picture (below) has been pretty popular. 

I live in jackets (I just became the proud owner of this one from Reiss) but I'm pretty ruthless with them. I have one of each neutral colour, a couple of printed ones for crazy days and a bold blue one as my "block colour" blazer.  Seeing this post has made me realise I should really have a green one as its my favourite colour, so I started the hunt. I found this one from Marks and Spencer, but the hunt for the exact one continues. If anyone has any idea where it is from please let me know! As for other components, you just need a denim shirt (this Current Elliott one is on my hit list), shorts and sunnies - simples!


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The Style Check said...

Gorgeous look, love that blazer such a gorgeous colour and fit.

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