Love Her Look: Au Revoir

Maybe it's because I'm off to Paris today (woooooooooop) or just because I have 2,938 Breton tee shirts, but this week I've been lusting after outfits like the below. Being vertically challenged wearing culottes is difficult for me without heels, so ideas like this really give me faith that it's doable and they're essentially one of the easiest looks in the book...

Did you know that a proper Breton tee has 21 stripes to represent each of Napolean's victories? Thank you Atterley for that little fact. As I said, I have a lot of these but my favourites are from Reiss here, St James here and Chinti and Parker here. Denim culottes wise I found an absolute bargain from River Island - these are £38! Lust list wise, these from Net A Porter (from a brand I'd not heard of before Steve J and Yoni P) are incredible too. The heels I could swear are Phillip Lim as I remember seeing them on Vestiaire, if anyone knows please let me know! In the meantime, for the taller of you I discovered these ASOS flats for £10 in the sale!



Natalia said...

Love the outfit & the little Napoleon stripes fact! x

Natalia -

Unknown said...

I LOVE this look, stripes and leopard print are my favourites! Enjoy Paris x

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