Limewood, again

Anyone who follows my Instagram will notice I'm at Limewood again… Turns out the sofa (with a tub of Pringles and a bottle of red) isn't my ultimate happy place, this hotel is. I totally understand how "first world" this sounds - but from the minute I turned up here (yesterday) all worries disappeared and I've managed to get myself from a stressed, wound up, busy person to a calm, sedated, super human.

These photos were taken last time I was here with Anneli, unfortunately it's raining today (although this does mean I get to sit in the 10 foot square hot tub in the rain - #thuglife) so no chance for pictures. I wore this for dinner at the hotel's restaurant, which is so awesome it's silly. We ate there again last night and did the tasting menu, every course was almost giggle-worthy-good. 

I don't really do the whole "colour match" thing so this felt a bit organised for me. The culottes were a spontaneous purchase from H&M a couple of months ago - I was wearing jeans in London on a hot day and realised that if I didn't alter the situation I was going to pass out. I've worn them so much, which surprises me as they're a pretty bold pattern. They remind me of my friend Lucy who is addicted to palm prints and whilst in California last year and we went to the Beverly Hills Hotel (who have the same print everywhere) … 

The shoes and clutch are from Jimmy Choo. Five years ago I would never have said this but investing in decent shoes is an incredibly smart decision. I have stupid little feet (size 3.5, they're basically hooves) so heels are really painful. These are the only ones that don't cause tears… They are so bl**dy comfortable I could run a marathon in them (or at least the shoes wouldn't be the issue when I passed out 2 miles in). They're the Addison style and I cannot recommend them enough. More importantly here are a couple of photos of the "dinner of actual dreams."

If you go to Limewood's restaurant (Hartnett and Holder) then do the tasting menu, simples. It's £65 a head and you won't need to eat for 3 days afterwards so it pretty much saves you money. As an example of the dishes, above is the smoked salmon (smoked in-house, obvs) with cod roe, and below is my absolute favourite dish; cured vegetables and ewes milk cheese. It sounds so simple, but tastes so good I dreamt about it last night. Book here. Do it. 



Abbie said...

Ooooooh love the culottes on you! xx

Angie SilverSpoon said...

Lime Wood is one of my favourite UK hotels too! I love the food there.
Lots of love,
SilverSpoon London

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