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When you have a blog you spend endless amounts of time looking for something new. New brands, new clothes, new shoot locations, new places to go… Getting caught up in it all I often forget to include the places I go to all the time. So on Saturday as I do most weekends, I had lunch with the girls at Tanya's in Chelsea (South Kensington to be precise) and decided to blog about it. Given as though it's my favourite cafe-cum-restaurant at the moment it seems only right it should get a post...

Of course it was Anneli who introduced me to the place; it's a raw food restaurant. Essentially this means "super healthy" but if you're after the formal (Wikipedia) definition: Depending on the exact philosophy or type of lifestyle and results desired, raw food diets may include a selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, meat and dairy products. It may also include simply processed foods such as various types of sprouted seeds, cheese, and fermented foods such as yogurtskefirkombucha or sauerkraut, but generally not foods that have been pasteurizedhomogenized, or produced with the use of synthetic pesticideschemical fertilizers, industrial solvents or chemical food additives.  So there you go! It's not for everyone (I took my Dad who was horrified to discover that meat isn't raw) but I absolutely love it. For me it's a perfect Saturday lunch concept as you can eat a huge amount of food without the huge amount of guilt afterwards!

It didn't take much to persuade us to break the "raw deal" a little bit and break open a bottle of prosecco; we were having lunch to celebrate Louise's London anniversary. Not sure where time flies but she went to live in Australia for a year before backpacking around the world before making the capital her home. Georgie and I picked her up on holiday five-ish years ago in Ibiza and we've been friends ever since. 

I'm sure it's true of every group of friends in their twenties thirties, but it really had been too long since we'd all met up. Even though we all live within a mile of each other there seemed to be so much news. Between the new jobs, new adventures, new boys, new sunglasses (in my case, Polaroid), new adventures and new fake tanning disasters we nattered our way through main courses (superfood salads, nachos, tacos and thai noodles) before the main event...

… Cake! Yep, raw food doesnt mean you can't have chocolate. You can just have awesome tasting chocolate. These beautiful culinary delights are chocolate praline cake, chocolate orange nut cake and lemon cheesecake. If you're wondering how its done, check out Tanya's blog and follow the principle of her Strawberry Cheesecake recipe (and check out the ice cream that broke the internet recipe too).

top, urban outfitters / bracelets, Astley Clarke / sunglasses, Polaroid Eyewear

So, if anyone fancies giving the concept of Raw food a go we recommend heading over to Tanya's. We were at her Ixworth Place cafe, but she also has a new set up in Ride Republic in Parsons Green which does all of her juices, coffees, snacks and cakes. Make sure you have the chocolate praline cake. Insane. Find out more here.


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