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This is unusually speedy of me to get a post up but apparently the combination of the full moon and Venus being in retrograde means we aren't able to sleep for the next few days, which could explain my late night blogging session (I'm as sceptical as you…). Today/Yesterday I went to a lovely lunch with some blogger friends and Dune at Carousel on Blandford Street in London and it was too good to not blog...

jacket, Topshop / sandals, Atterley (sold out but similar here in the sale) / jeans, J Brand (budget option here) / bag, L.K.Bennett / sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

I wore some of my favourite basics including my new Topshop jacket (which Erica helped me track down earlier this week), my faithful L.K Bennett tote which is used for 6 days out of every 7 and my Atterley sandals which I forgot I owned and found over the weekend (and now live in). They've sold out but upon trying to hunt them down for you I just found these ones in their sale for £19 which are just as nice, if not better. The jeans are J Brand, I've had them for a long, long time and I love the fit but if you're just after the colour then these ASOS ones are superb. Oh and the sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs, my first attempt at coloured sunglasses - and won't be the last!

jewellery: bracelets; astley clarke, halcyon days and tiffany & co / rings; daisy knights, astley clarke and and other stories / nail polish; cheeky 

My new found obsession with gathering "rings and things" is going pretty well at the moment if I may say so myself. I've blogged a lot about my Astley Clarke bits over the last few weeks, but I probably should mention the red one on the left as I found it in a box from my house move the other day and am so, so happy as thought it was lost! I found the black bangle from Halycon Days at the same time which was a double win! Other new additions include the simple gold rings I picked up at And Other Stories this week for £15, and a new solid rose gold one from Astley Clarke (better to look here at it as it doesn't show up in the picture as it's super delicate).

jacket, Topshop / sandals, Atterley (sold out but similar here in the sale) / jeans, J Brand (budget option here) / bag, L.K.Bennett / sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

I managed to rope Naomi into taking some pictures before we turned up to lunch (benefit of blogger friends, it's never weird to spend 15 minutes posing on the street in the middle of the day). Now most importantly, over to the food…

I had never been to Carousel before, I don't spend enough time in Marylebone (where the restaurant is) and when I do I tend to go to Relais de Venise (a French restaurant that you can't book, and only does steak and chips - my parents used to take us when we were little). It's changed massively over the last few years, every corner has a cool coffee shop or diner now… Enough about other places, because Carousel deserves a round of applause for it's grub. I mean who else can make courgettes look this interesting, or produce a platter of steak that looks that good?

For a grand finale, we had this dessert (below). Parsley and mint cake (stick with me, it's good) with strawberry and rhubarb sorbet and lemon ganache (what is ganache? anyone? other than tasty…). It was unreal… Anneli, Naomi and I tried to do the whole "we don't eat puddings" thing and then this rocked up and we pretty much licked it clean… Amazing. 

Thank you so much to Lesley-Ann and Holly at Dune for a super afternoon, and visit Carousel's website here for reservations and info.


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