Outfit: Tuxedo Twinning

Last week Anneli and I arranged a little get together (thanks to the Soho House Group) with our favourite blogger pals - see Instagram for details - at Hubbard and Bell in Holborn (and for those of us who could escape work quick enough, we got our nails done at the Cheeky salon next door). As if it was planned we both turned up in the same jacket from Reiss so before I was directed to shove mine in my handbag, we popped over the road to do a few photos.

Any one who knows me will know that I live in denim, so if I'm not wearing jeans then I am absolutely going to be wearing a denim shirt. This one is a newbie from Zara that I picked up during a weekend haul last month (ages since I've shopped properly in there but it's really good at the moment…). I've just found another goody from Atterley here too if anyone is looking for one… The trousers are a gazillion years old from Gap, I keep waiting for them to wear out so I have an excuse to buy these J Crew ones, but they're the £14.99 gift that keeps on giving… The shoes are  from L.K Bennett (their "Floret" heel is the only shape I can run around town in so I have them in as many colours as I can get my little hands on. I've had these black ones for 2 years and considering how mean I am to my shoes, they're in pretty good nick!

The handbag is a new love from Alexander McQueen. It's called the Legend for a reason - it's been my shadow ever since it arrived at my door. It's love. Completely. Without going all middle aged on you, it's also extremely practical as it fits my lap top in as well as everything else I need (friends call me Poppins as I have a tendency of putting everything - dog included - in my bag) during the day, but it's smart enough for evening fun times too… Take a deep breath to be ready for the price, and then click here

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