Outfit: City Cowgirl

Last week was a typical "what is the weather doing" showcase in London and Wednesday was no exception. When I left the house it was grey and gross and by the time I arrived at my first meeting (to check out Freedom2Train at Claridges) it was 28 degrees. When you're due to be rushing around town all day and your iPhone's report looks like it has just chosen all of the weather emoji options for the next 12 hours, choosing an outfit is difficult.

I decided to just wear a little bit of everything! First up, two sale bargains you might want to know about at Topshop. This blazer has been super handy since I bought it (full price, argh) a few months ago. I wear it with outfits like this as well as with my shirts and formal trousers, and it looks really cool with midi skirts too. It was great when it was £75, so now it's £40 it's even better - at least for you. Secondly, the sandals. They're £12 now and they look like Marni. I say no more, except click here.

The scarf was a gift from the lovely team at Alexander McQueen. They suggested wearing it for festival season - but posing in a mews in Mayfair is about as close as I'll get to that… I wasn't sure it would be my thing but I've worn it for days straight with various shirts and tees. The tee shirt was a purchase back during the January sales (from one of my favourite French brands, Maison Kitsune). It's sold out everywhere but if you don't have a fitted grey tee these two are good starters: here and here. The jeans as always are Paige Denim from Selfridges. I feel bad for my other jeans at the moment as they just don't get an airing when these guys are an option. Everyone is different but for me the Paige Jimmy Jimmys are the perfect shape. Find them here.

Everything else is just my usuals; the sunglasses are my trusty Jimmy Choos and my jewellery is from Astley Clarke (perfect boho-type pieces that won't completely break the bank). I hope you guys manage to get Wednesday off and get into the sun - I for one will be making every excuse to sit in the garden, although at the moment I'm concentrating on getting ready for Croatia next weekend - keep an eye on my Instagram for updates. Happy Monday (!) everyone...

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Trending : Denim Jacket

It's been a while since I've done a "trend" post as I've been a bit uninspired by stuff in stores recently. I've been trying to get better at summer dressing in general. I'm most definitely a winter person even though I love the sunshine and all things that go with this time of year. The Great British Weather is a real pain, trying to work out whether you need a jumper or a jacket… I digress. One thing I've realised is a must have for the (so called) warmer months is a denim jacket.

I had one when I was about 14 and I've been trying to get Mum to dig it out of the attic (in truth I'm more after my sister's one because I always preferred it, and since she is out in the middle of Africa right now I'm guessing I could get away with it). I've been storing up inspiration on my Pinterest boards which I always do when I'm trying to justify a purchase - and have decided it's time to invest.

image via Pinterest (Damsel in Dior)

I really like that denim jackets go with everything. You can wear them with t shirts and shorts at weekends, or your shirt and trousers straight from the office. I pretty much love them and now I've set my sights on one I find it really weird that its taken me this long to twig that it's such an obvious gap in my wardrobe. I've been trying to sort myself out with leather jackets (too hot) and scarves (too cold) for weeks, idiot.

Trying to find a style that suits me is pretty difficult. My waist is my smallest part and so boxy jackets aren't the best shape for me as my shape gets a bit lost… I'd been preying on this Madewell jacket (J Crew's little boho sister) piece for a while and so now it's on sale at Net A Porter I've been double checking availability every day. It's loose on the arms (tick) and the pockets on the waist mean it will draw you in at the waist. Thoughts? For £80 its pretty good, no? Other options are this oversize ASOS number, this Topshop one, and (new brand for me, and I love everything they do) this Bethnals' style. I haven't clicked "purchase" yet so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!?



Double Denim

Last Sunday was all about doing very, very little. The night before a group of us had been out to celebrate a friend's birthday, and I woke up feeling like I needed clean, green juices and as much fruit as possible. So, I headed over to Tanya's in Chelsea for a plate of raw nachos (so into my raw food at the moment that I have to check myself before I instagram to stop myself becoming one of those people).

My shirt was a find in the Matches sale, I wondered over to Wimbledon there a couple of weekends ago after Laura told me they were having a private sale. It was amazing, I had to force myself away from a Saint Laurent handbag that was half price… But I'm very pleased with my new shirt from Australian brand Aries. Had never heard of them before and am now a bit addicted as it's my style to a tee (there is a lot of their stuff in the sale, check it out here, and although the top is sold out you can buy it here at Young British Designers).

The jeans are old favourites in every sense. I've realised all of my go-to jeans are Paige Denim. Yes, being a blogger means I've been able to pick up a few pairs along the way, but in truth even if I hadn't I would have invested in these by now. One thing I really have learnt through the weird world of blogging is that paying money for denim is absolutely worth it - at least for styles you want to fit properly (for boyfriend fit jeans I still swear by these ASOS ones). There are tonnes of styles on sale at Selfridges at the moment which I recommend you take a look at here.

Trainers are Nike Theas, I have them in black and white as I couldn't decide which I preferred and buying both was one of the best decisions I've made in 2015 as I wear them constantly. I got mine from ASOS as I was sick of the waiting lists everywhere else, link here. The bag was a naughty purchase last year which I did originally list on Vestiaire Collective as I felt so bad for buying it but have decided to keep. It's not the most practical of strap lengths or fastenings, but I love it all the same. If you feel like bankrupting yourself too you can find one here (or check out resale sites for second hand ones like this one here). Have a good weekend, kids!



Net A Porter Sale - Under £100

We've all been there; we're happily going about our day and then an email comes through which simply says "The Net A Porter Sale Has Started." We drop everything, including all sense, and decide now is the time to buy the bright coral tutu we'd added to our wish list whilst travelling home in a taxi at 2am some months before (or perhaps thats just me…).  Taking some learnings from those times I have applied two rules: only get things you can wear 4 times or more, and never spend more than £100 on an item. With that in mind above is my ring fenced edit of what to buy this time around.


Outfit: The New Maxi Skirt

Last week I spent a few hours up in Notting Hill, popping in to see Rose and then on to lunch with Anneli at Nama (with Ally from Tom Ford who gave us my new ALL TIME favourite perfume, here).  London's weather has been pretty impossible for the last few days, and this was no exception. One minute it's too hot to have anything on, the next you're rushing for an umbrella. This is my mild attempt at dressing for the occasion. 

The jacket is old, really old. I forgot I even owned it but Lopez decided to hide in the back of my wardrobe and I found it whilst trying to retrieve him. Its from Topshop, and funnily enough there is a really similar one in store here, and sleeveless one here. The shoes were a cheeky private sale purchase a few weeks ago from Christian Louboutin. I never thought I'd be the girl that swanned around town in her Loub-sandals, but hey. They're past season but I've seen them come up quite a lot on Vestiaire Collective

The top and skirt are new from Zara - I fell out of love with them last year but this season's collection is really, really good. In fact, their TRF offering is probably the strongest part (I will be increasing my jacket collection with this one that my friend, Angie was wearing when I saw her last). The skirt is perfect for this kind of weather, I've been living in it for the last couple of weeks as it's super soft and almost passes as Isabel Marant (as does half of Zara right now, come to think of it).

Last but not least, my sunglasses. This is my third pair of these and I nearly cried when I friend gave me them last week - they're from Jimmy Choo's collaboration with Carrera from a couple of years ago. The previous pairs, may they rest in peace, ended up in the back of a taxi and on the beach respectively. Losing the second pair induced actual tears. You can buy them here


Outfit: Tuxedo Twinning

Last week Anneli and I arranged a little get together (thanks to the Soho House Group) with our favourite blogger pals - see Instagram for details - at Hubbard and Bell in Holborn (and for those of us who could escape work quick enough, we got our nails done at the Cheeky salon next door). As if it was planned we both turned up in the same jacket from Reiss so before I was directed to shove mine in my handbag, we popped over the road to do a few photos.

Any one who knows me will know that I live in denim, so if I'm not wearing jeans then I am absolutely going to be wearing a denim shirt. This one is a newbie from Zara that I picked up during a weekend haul last month (ages since I've shopped properly in there but it's really good at the moment…). I've just found another goody from Atterley here too if anyone is looking for one… The trousers are a gazillion years old from Gap, I keep waiting for them to wear out so I have an excuse to buy these J Crew ones, but they're the £14.99 gift that keeps on giving… The shoes are  from L.K Bennett (their "Floret" heel is the only shape I can run around town in so I have them in as many colours as I can get my little hands on. I've had these black ones for 2 years and considering how mean I am to my shoes, they're in pretty good nick!

The handbag is a new love from Alexander McQueen. It's called the Legend for a reason - it's been my shadow ever since it arrived at my door. It's love. Completely. Without going all middle aged on you, it's also extremely practical as it fits my lap top in as well as everything else I need (friends call me Poppins as I have a tendency of putting everything - dog included - in my bag) during the day, but it's smart enough for evening fun times too… Take a deep breath to be ready for the price, and then click here

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Outfit: Anthropologie Goes East

This post has been pending for a while, I've been so busy over the last week that the blog has been a little bit neglected! Am now back and the first thing to talk about is that my favourite store Anthropologie has just landed in East London (right by Spitalfields market to be precise). I used it as an excuse to meet the parents on the other side of town for a weekend brunch before heading to the new store...

Taking my mother was a mistake as she wanted everything. It's heaven for anyone who likes their homeware as any Anthropologie fan will tell you. The store is piled high with all the mugs, plates, candlesticks, recipe books and door knobs you could ever wish for.  However, people often forget that Anthropologie's offering goes way beyond nice things for your home: the clothing buy is ridiculously good too. I bought this denim jumpsuit, sandals and bag within 5 minutes of walking in.

I used to mistake Anthropologie for being a little bit "safe" with their offering, but I can now only describe the store as being like seeing everything you have seen (and repinned) on Pinterest up close and personal. Every relaxed home scene, every "on the beach" outfit could easily be found hidden in their store - it's the absolute dream. So if you're in East London or need an excuse to go, do pay a visit to their new store: 18-28 Old Spitalfields Market (nearest tube, Liverpool Street).

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*this post is in collaboration with Anthropologie, all opinions and words are my own*

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