[Outfit] Topshop x Adidas

You know you're getting older when you see friends do a complete 360 and come back into being cool again. I first owned this tee when I was 14 years old. It was my uniform, complete with popper-tracksuit bottoms and most probably a baseball cap. So when Topshop asked if I'd like to promote their new Topshop x Adidas collection, the teenage nostalgia set in and was not disappointed...

Lopez and I went for a little stroll this week in the London sunshine to take some pictures of my new wares.  The t shirt is just like one I owned fifteen years ago (gulp). It's amazing how classic like this never change. 

The trainers/sneakers are a twist on the classic superstars. You can choose if you want black laces or white, when they arrived I thought I'd prefer the white but actually the black ones are really fun. If you haven't tried the style before, they're a much comfier version of the Stan Smiths and Gazelles

I paired the pieces with a simple green parka jacket and my new moto girlfriend jeans that I am living in. At the moment I'm not feeling particularly great about my shape and these jeans are the reason behind multiple compliments - the height of them hides a multitude of sins - so I recommend them for anyone who is *about to start* bikini dieting and needs a morale boost - find them here.



Unknown said...

Love this post! I adore how things come back into fashion! Also, Lopez is looking fiiine in this post - what a cutie!

Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

Sarah said...

Aaaah I really love this tee! x
My Sentimental Heart

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