[Outfit] Sunsets in Camps Bay

I've been wanting to post this for a while what with the weather (and the fact I lost my camera's memory card) but it didn't seem right talking about summer back in January when these pictures were taken! Here is little, old me on Camps Bay in Cape Town at the very beginning of this year wearing a couple of new brand finds…

The first is Leo Joseph, which I've mentioned before but Leo has recently taken his collections to the next level adding in womenswear and some really cool accessories (as well as the menswear swim shorts that in my humble opinion are the best in the business - just in case you have a boy to buy for) including the bag I used whilst on holiday (here). I may be biased as I know Leo, but its so nice to really believe in something that a friend is doing and his clothing is ridiculously well made, so check it out here.

sunset over Glen Beach and Camps Bay

The top is from a brand called Witchery and I bought it whilst I was there (at the V&A shopping mall which is very much worth a visit). Witchery is part of Woolworths (which is actually Marks and Spencers, all gets very confusing) and a sister store to Country Road. Think of it as somewhere between a Whistles and a J Crew and you're halfway there. I bought loads (thank you Rand exchange rate) and am so excited to wear it all when it starts to get warm again. The espadrilles are from LK Bennett - if you're after the Valentino/Chanel style without the price tag then these babies are for you.

walking up Table Mountain

My sister is in Cape Town for the first time so as much for her as for you all I thought I'd write a couple of good places to go (although I've only been twice and at Christmas time when the city is incredibly busy!) :
  • Attempt to climb Table Mountain - we gave up as we didn't start early enough and it got too hot, but even the bits we did manage gave us amazing views of the whole of Cape Town that I doubt you could beat anywhere else
  • Go for sushi inside a shopping mall - I was dubious, but the sushi at Willoughby's inside the V&A shopping centre is some of the best I've ever tasted.
  • Visit The Biscuit Mill - get up early on a Saturday morning and head to an area called Woodstock where you'll find The Biscuit Mill which houses an amazing food market and up and coming fashion and home wear designers.
  • Always be outside for sundowners - or "sunset" to us Brits. Evenings really are exceptionally beautiful in Cape Town so do not miss a single one.
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Angie SilverSpoon said...

I was in South Africa about a month ago, I totally fell in love. Cape Town is the best!
Lot of love,

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