Biscuiteers Afternoon Tea, Northcote Road

I've lived around the Northcote Road on and off for 5 years, and it's a beautiful little bit of London for any of you who haven't visited it. To get there, hop on the train to Clapham Junction and it's a 5 minute walk from the station. You'll know when you're in the right place; suddenly the streets start getting pretty and little boutiques and market stalls appear.

Just a little further up the street you'll notice a beautiful white cafe called Biscuiteers. It's one of the areas newest arrivals, and couldn't be better situated as everything about the quaint little biscuit shop suits Northcote Road perfectly. I'd been past a few times but hadn't yet ventured in, so when I was invited to try their afternoon tea I couldn't get there fast enough...

The shop is amazing inside, with shelves filled with biscuits for every occasion and theme you can imagine. Better still you can watch them all being baked and iced as the kitchen is in the centre of the store. At the back (and outside if the weather is nice enough) is the cafe - where we were presented with the platter of sugary (and savoury) goodness!

The whole thing was pretty amazing, made even better by the lovely staff who went through all the different biscuit making classes you can do there (which I'm now dying to do) as well providing a stream of coffees and hot chocolates. I really can't recommend it enough - the biscuits don't always look good, they taste unreal too.  At £48 for two people it is a real treat, but you get your money's worth. Or, you can just pop in for coffee and choose from the hundreds of different biscuit shapes!

There are two Biscuiteers shops in London, but you can order them online here (which I've done before, and they're fantastic). So there is no excuse not to get involved and try them out!

NB - For anyone in the area, they're also dog friendly (lots of places aren't around here, so it's handy to know!)

*I was invited as a guest of Biscuiteers, who had no editing or influence over my content.


Unknown said...

This looks great! My boyfriend lives in the area so I must pop in soon.

Lauren xx

Bethan said...

Love this, definitely going to have to give them a visit!!

Sarah said...

I adore Biscuiteers, so happy to hear they've opened south of the river!

The Fashion Lift said...

That looks like biscuit heaven, I visit Northcote road to meet friends quite often so I will make sure I pop into Biscuiteers it looks so gorgeous! xx

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