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Apologies for the mini hiatus, some of you may know from Instagram that I haven't been all that well recently so blogging has taken a backseat. I've finished the radiotherapy for now, thank goodness, which if anyone ever goes through isn't that bad in itself but the post-treatment-symptoms aren't fun at all. I've been happy with anything making my life easier and thats where my friend's new company Nosh comes in.

I've been at the hospital most mornings so grabbing breakfast has been tricky. Nosh is essentially a "breakfast on the go" - with a difference. They've got quinoa and oats in them, and you chew them. Both of those things may sound odd but to be honest you just need to try them because they're bl**dy tasty and as you do actually chew, you feel like you've eaten something (so it isn't like having a smoothie or a juice where you feel your stomach rumble 10 seconds after finishing). I absolutely recommend the strawberry and banana one… It's one thing that I will be keeping going with when all this is over! 

They're stocked in London based Tescos, nationally in Holland and Barrett and Camden Food Co (and several more stockists are on their way). If you'd like to give them a try and win a 2 week supply, post  the below tweet on your Twitter account. Nosh will pick a winner on Monday the 16th of March (UK and Ireland only):

"I need @NoshDrinks to get me started in the morning. Pick me! #noshdrinks"

Other new favourite have been lovely gifts from friends like the roses from "postable florals" company Bloom and Wild. The packaging when they arrived almost made me not want to unwrap them - and the Heyland and Whittle candle has been a favourite for years so is always gratefully received! Thank you all for your well wishes, Lopez is taking excellent care of me and I'll be back to blogging properly very soon!


Unknown said...

I wish there was something I could say that I know would make it better - but just stay strong and cuddle Lopez (I'm sure dogs have magical healing powers!).

I hope you're at least feeling a little better soon!

Meanwhile, beautiful flowers and candles always do the trick!

Lauren xx

Josie said...

I'm so sorry, I'd no idea you'd been ill! Sounds like you've really been through it you poor thing. Hospitals and treatment and all of that absolutely sucks but I hope you feel less crappy very soon and in the meantime I hope everyone is spoiling you (I'm sure they are!) Glad Lopez has been looking after you, it's amazing how much better doggy cuddles can make you feel. Lots of love <3 xxx

Hannah said...

Sorry to hear you've been really ill - and fingers crossed that the treatment is enough so you don't have to go through that again. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon and that Lopez is giving you lots of hugs! x

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