[Trend] Skirting The Suede Issue

I'm writing this post for a really selfish reason; if I research into suede skirts enough I will find one I want to buy for myself. It's taken me a while to get into this look. For me suede makes me think of off-smelling clothing - the kind that needs to go to the cleaners as it was bought and enjoyed throughout the 1970s. Then I spotted people like Julia and Pandora sporting theirs and I started to realise quite how chic they could be…

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One little lesson I have learnt since starting the blog is that if you're keen to try a fabric out make sure you still stick with a style that you know fits you. As an example, mini skirts only work me if they're fitted. If they have any kind of flare I look ridiculous as I'm too short, the same goes for calf length ones - I need heels with them. Multicoloured ones don't work for me either (sob) as they seem to only section out part of my bum and thighs a bit like those diagrams of a pig you get in posh butcher shops, and why would I want to put myself through that? Lastly, anything with pockets on the front works only to remind me that I really should do more than stare at the gym membership in my wallet…

Get Olivia's look; suede shirt, fringed suede skirt

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So plain coloured, fitted (or partnered with heels) suede skirts are the way forward. Fringing is ok, provided it isn't too much as I can envisage horrid events like shutting half my skirt in the bus door… And if it's a mini skirt it has to actually be really quite short as the mid length doesn't flatter me at all (in case anyone is trying to benchmark: I'm a 5 foot 4, size 10 with a 27/28 inch waist). I really like Alexa's in the photo above and having hunted down I think it is this one

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Midis are my favourite as you probably already know… I love them either in pencil skirt format or floaty (I know that isn't the right term, but hoping you know what I mean). I'm very tempted to go all Khardashian and try out this Missguided number, thoughts? And if money was no object it would be Valentino all the way, this skirt is just out of this world… Oh and as they're not on RewardStyle so I can't add them to the selection above please don't forget this Jaegar number as it's absolutely beautiful.

In the end I have settled with this Miss Selfridge mini. It's 70s enough to hit the nail on the head with the current trend, but it's also a neutral enough colour to keep going alongside my staples. Oh, and it's dead cheap. Midi wise, I'm still trying to choose but I think this Reiss black one might be the winner as it's smart enough for night and day… Which is your favourite?

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