[Outfit] Dressing for December

I came home this weekend for some rest and relaxation as it's all been a bit busy of late.  My parents live in leafy North London, still in the house I grew up in - and the area I've been in since I was 18 months old and in some ways it's still exactly the same.  Saying that, it's become a hell of a lot more trendy than when I was there - suddenly there are streams of pop up restaurants and Christmas markets. We certainly didn't have any of that in my day..!

This week certainly got a lot colder, which in some ways I was glad for as I'd been wanting an excuse to wear my new French Connection coat (Emma has the same one, if you're looking for more than one outfit idea) since I was given it at their Old Street pop up a couple of weeks ago.  I love the colour, and it's clever as you can zip off the furry bits in two seconds (any girl's dream) and wear it as a shorter jacket.

My jumper is from Gant, and I love it. You can't really see how soft and snuggly it is, but I've spent most of the weekend in it. I feel its a nice halfway house Christmas jumper; it's red and white but also a pretty simple style so I can wear it throughout the colder months.  I pinched the scarf from my Dad, we bought it for him a couple of Christmases ago. It's from Burberry and it's one of the best presents I've ever got anyone - he wears it everyday in winter (expect when we steal it "back"). 

My jeans and boots are old favourites and I wear them relentlessly on the blog so won't go on about them too much, other than to say they are the best in the business and every one should save up and buy some as they won't regret it. Last but by no means least, my hat. It was a birthday present and comes from a company called Loma. The bobble is awesome and it's the only hat I've found that I don't look (that) ridiculous in. Here are all the components of the outfit, with some extra high street finds:

Any way, one December weekend down and two to go until Christmas - best get onto some of that Christmas shopping!


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