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photo via Pinterest from this blog

This is a super short post as I'm frantic with various work projects at the moment (all very exciting and I shouldn't complain, but I'm so tired and really want an evening just to watch all of my rubbish TV and Sky haven't installed in our new place... first world problems). Although this phrase (the post's title) is my affectionate name for my dog, this time around I'm actually talking about handbags. Or clutch bags, more specifically. 

my super fit friend Pin Sykes from Sunday Times Style

I don't know about you, but everyone around me seems to be strapped for cash right now. Maybe thats why all the stores have gone into sale, to tempt us to go in with our last remaining £20 (which isn't made EXTREMELY hard when The bl**dy OutNet do the bl**dy Marant jumper I want for bl**dy 70% off). 

Any way, for that reason I've been on the look out for real bargains or simple little bits that will update my wardrobe really quickly. Freddie told me about an ASOS clutch she'd bought (here) and it got me hooked looking for others. On top of that some of my favourite street style muses have all be donning them. Conclusion: it's a must have. Here are my faves:

Over and out xx


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Anonymous said...

get the jumper, it's beautifuul!

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