[Outfit] Mid Month Monochrome

As promised, here is a little outfit post wearing the Jimmy Choos I picked out for my trip to The Berkeley with them for #tea4choo (read the post 'ere). I went shopping last week with my friend Holly who has just got a fancy new job and so wanted to look equally fancy in her new office. I swore blind I wasn't going to buy anything, but when I got into Whistles I just couldn't resist this lace shirt. I'd gotten as far as the door to leave, when I spotted an assistant wearing it.  Within 30 seconds, it was mine (I also bought Ben a navy t shirt, which if you have a spare £25, and a boyfriend, I would suggest strongly you buy one).

The skirt is part of my attempt to "boomph" up my work wear wardrobe (I'm doing an exciting project at the moment on the subject, which I annoyingly can't tell you anymore about...).  Having worked from home for a summer now, I have suddenly been faced with the realisation of having to go to an office (exciting, I love my new work space) and also going to fairly corporate/serious meetings. It's very easy to forget that wearing jeans on a Wednesday is a bit of a novelty!  The skirt is fab, and a really nice halfway house. I've been wearing it with serious shirts, but also with things like my (topshop) denim shirt when I just need to look like I've made a bit of an effort.

The leather jacket... Ahhhhhh. My new baby. It's so soft you could almost slip off it when sitting on it.  Which you really shouldn't do, it deserves it's own seat. It's quite literally my dream come true.  I'd been mucking around trawling over Pinterest (the fruits of my labour can be found here) for the perfect one, and then just bit the bullet and got this Reiss one. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE, EVER.  It's perfect, I just can't tell you. In fact I'll stop. Just save up a bit and buy one. The. End.

And of course, the shoes.  I spied these at the Choo Townhouse event over Fashion Week and instantly clocked them. So when I was invited to select a pair to wear for tea these were a no brainer. They come in black and maroon, and my only decision (having worn them solidly for a day and my feet feeling like I'd been in slippers) is which colour to buy. Thoughts? Decisions, decisions.



Josie said...

That jacket is so perfect!! The shoes are gorgeous too, I say the black pair because I'm boring and never wear colour! x

Josie’s Journal

Jojo said...

That cropped lace shirt is to die for. I need to get my hands on that asap. Jojo

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