[Beauty] My Autumn Beauty Buys

I only recently realised how different my summer beauty regime is to when it's a bit colder the other day when I found myself frantically scrambling around for face creams et al that I hadn't used since the early months of the year. So, in celebration of my new autumn handbag (thank you very much for Rosie, L.K.Bennett) I had a clear out from my old bag and worked out what things I actually do need to carry around with me every, single day.

Here are a few things I've picked up that are proving absolutely essential at the moment:
  • I did that embarrassing thing Ross from Friends does at hotels and when staying at Babington House completely fleeced the room of everything vaguely packable. Notably, the Cowshed Cleanser and Toner.  When these run out I might cry - they are perfect size for keeping in your bag for the gym and are the only thing I can find that get my industrial mascara off...
  • ... The industrial mascara in question is called They're Real from Benefit. I am a mascara fiend. If I wear nothing else, mascara is always, always on.  I have very long lashes and often get marks under my eyebrows where my lashes have touched my skin when I've just applied it. But this stuff is hardcore, seriously impressed.  I went swimming with it on and it didn't move. Impressed.
  • My nails get super dry and gross in winter. When OPI gave me this cuticle gel oil I didn't really think I'd use it. But, having seen the difference it makes it's now become the first thing I do the minute I sit down on the bus/tube/train. It keeps my cuticles all neat for an extra 10 days before I need to crawl into a salon looking guilty for them to sort out my occasional nail biting issue...
  • One unexpected brand I love to promote is Superdry's EyeMarker. I was given one of these two years ago at a press day and have since bought two more as they're just so good (and I lost the others). It's just the most idiot proof eyeliner on the planet. And I'm an idiot so it works well.

  • The first of two vital skin make up bits: No Concealer Concealer by Perricone MD. It's just brilliant - and lasts forever as you need one drop for your whole face.
  • My nail polish for autumn is most definitely Victoria from Nails Inc. It's just warm and lovely and doesn't chip instantly. Poifeck
  • My concealer never, ever changes. It's called Boiing from Benefit and I buy one every year. It's perfect for under the eyes, sudden mammoth-mountain spots and day to day blemishes.  It's reduced on ASOS (it's never reduced, wahey!) at the moment - so buy it (I am shade medium, and most people I know seem to be too)
  • On the subject of under eyes, Guinot's eye gel is a genuine life saver. I've been using if for a few months now, and essentially it's what you use to hide the fact you went to bed at 3am
  • Last but by no means least, my new-in J Crew perfume. Mine is in a little bottle which is super as I carry it around with me and I can take it on holidays. It's called Arquiste and  it's scent is just so nice - I appreciate thats a vague description but essentially it seems of luxury and is a great every day wear...
Ooh and as lots of people on Instagram are asking me, my phone cover is from Whistles - it's currently available to buy now and I really, really love it. At least I do until the Stella McCartney shark case goes live on Net A Porter. That will be a very happy day indeed....


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