[Outfit] The Triumph Magic Wire Bra

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen a couple of weeks ago I went along to a lovely breakfast with Triumph to hear all about their new Magic Wire bra collection (here is a little video I did whilst there). I was a little "on the fence" about it as underwear certainly isn't something I blog about that much. In short, it takes a lot to get me excited about something, my own underwear is very, very simple.When shopping, if anything is marketed as sexy I quiver inside and steer well away from it, even my more expensive pieces are quite straightforward. I would never go into one of those more risqué shops, I'm way too prude...

I have a rule that nothing stays on in my drawer longer than a year, or if there is any fraying then it goes straight in the bin - but aside from that, not much more can be said about my underwear collection other than "playing it safe." Any way, enough about little old me... I arrived at the Ham Yard Hotel for a morning of unexpected education.  For a start, as I rarely shop in-store for underwear it means I've skipped being fitted for over a year. Mistake. I was a cup size bigger and a waist size smaller, and as soon as I put the Magic Wire bra on I instantly felt like I could walk a little taller.

The fact it is super comfortable didn't massively surprise me as I wear Triumph bras a great deal. What did massively surprise me was the price - the Magic Wire comes in at a very reasonable £36 (to be honest I expected it to be double that). The bra doesn't dig in, the straps don't fall down - all in all, a great success. 

The concept of the Magic Wire bra is really simple - it's a "wireless" bra with a piece of silicon inside that is incredibly flexible. You can scrunch up the bra into a ball if you so wished. However, it is what my anonymous close guy friend would call a shepherds bra (rounds them up and points them in the direction). They come in lots of different colours, I went for this one - and there is a red one coming out closer to Christmas that's super cute too...

I've been wearing mine loads with all sorts of outfits, the fabric is gorgeous. Here is me strutting my stuff (read: cringing slightly trying to pose with a pint of orange juice) in Maida Vale last week with Nancy.  I've got the bra on (which you obviously can't see) but hopefully you can see how damn comfortable I am in it. It really is love, one isn't going to be enough - and thank you Triumph for inspiring me to give my topic drawer an overall clear out/upgrade!

This post was written in collaboration with Triumph and Halpern PR. Photos by Nancy H Gibbs 

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Ruby Sterland said...

Love your outfit, especially the shades! Such a pretty bra too, I've never heard of that design x

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