[Essentials] The White Tee

My all time favourite piece and biggest style lesson has been the white tee. Previous to the blog I had all of the below. Now having learnt about my shape I only own two. An oversize and a high neck. The other shapes, despite how much I love them just aren't right for my shape.  I wear mine constantly - with everything from jeans to my pencil skirts.

I trialled all of the styles with cheaper brands like ASOS and then invested when I has mastered what worked well - a tip I'd always recommend before trying something for the first time!  If someone had told me three years ago I'd now gladly part with over £100 for a t shirt I'd have laughed in your face. Now however, I really do get why you would. Here is a little styling/shape guide to help you pick the ones right for you...

The V Neck - Great if you are bigger busted or pear shaped as it draws your eye to your smallest point (your waist) and away from your larger features. A stylist friend told me that you should work out the depth of the V by drawing (an invisible) line from the top of one nipple to another. Having seen friends do it, I can confirm it works (try James Perse, J Brand, Reiss and Helmut Lang for good options).

The High Neck - This has to be my favourite for my shape, but not good for over a C cup so when I had put on a little weight I really found myself looking a lot bigger in mine... Buy a slightly thicker material for this one so it holds its shape, and also make sure it isn't too tight on your stomach as it isn't the most flattering. The best shapes pull in under the bust and then flow out... (try The Row, Toteme and this Valentino was is a beaut if you are really investing...)

The Scoop Neck - This a good all rounder and it's almost more important what bra you have on underneath as it will impact how the tee sits on your body. Makes sure your humps are supported so the tee can fall properly and you don't have a loose boob making an escape through your neck line... (try Alexander Wang, Frame Denim, Nike and Topshop) If you're testing this style for the first time, this ASOS one is a good starter...

The Oversize Fit  - Everyone wants to be that street style girl with the "nailed off duty model" look that so many do so well.  It can be done, but takes some practice. Don't be tempted to buy something that could double up as a teepee. Your boyfriend's tee isn't the answer either. Find a style that is meant to be oversize rather than going 4 sizes up - it will still "fit" you then. (try Rag and Bone, The Elder Statesman and this lovely one from 3.1 Phillip Lim at The OutNet)

Hope that all helps you a bit - if you're still struggling for styling ideas have a look at my Pinterest board which is packed with ideas - I've become a total Pin-nerd and use it to help me dress in the morning, geek! (I do honestly do things other than pin to Pinterest, I promise).


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Brilliant post, thanks for the tips

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