[Essentials] The Denim Chambray Shirt

Olivia wears: denim chambray shirt here / white midi skirt (I have this, I love it) here

I've decided to perk up my weekend and do a blog post, whilst waiting for X Factor to start - my friend Lizzy has her audition tonight so you MUST watch it! As you know, I move house tomorrow - but I'm so behind with it; this morning I was walking the dogs in Henley and got attacked by a swarm of bees... My head is the worst, throbbing! So am blogging to distract myself... 

lucy wears: oversize denim chambray shirt here / black sports shorts here / black arizona birkenstocks here

For most people this will be obvious but for me the denim shirt took a while to love.  Shirts themselves never really did it for me, I'd have rather covered up in a big knit or a tee. However, since I've been introduced to the concept of tailoring I really can't imagine life without one.  Gone are the days that they were used solely for DIY days at home or days when you really didn't want to see anyone you knew in Sainsburys (basically Sunday mornings for me, no one needs to see me buy that much bacon, or consume it) and instead, I've fully welcomed the new phase of chic chambray dressing.

me wearing: denim chambray shirt here / LK Bennett Floret heels here / Zara pencil skirt, similar here

I have two, one oversize and one fitted.  The fitted one (above) is from Topshop and I've worn it a few times on the blog (here is an example). The oversize is a more recent purchase, I wore it in a post over the summer - but here it is below if you were wondering. It's from Eileen Fisher, my first piece from the brand and definitely not the last. I made the mistake of thinking the store was for an older generation when actually their AW15 collection is very very me. Any way, you can (hopefully) see how I use deni shirts to dress up, and dress down my outfits... 

me wearing : denim chambray shirt here / printed shorts, similar here / red supergas here

I really am a true believer that a denim shirt can make an outfit. It can be a great "softener" with a serious skirt or trouser if you're looking to avoid being too smart or corporate.  It also looks fab if you're trying to de-girly yourself when wearing floral pieces or floaty skirts.  You can't go wrong with them.  My favourites are the ones I own, but I also love brands like Current/Elliott's efforts (this one is fantastic, a friend has it and I'm very jealous).  Check out my edit/selection of others below...

model wears: denim chambray shirt here / patent loafers here / black skirt here



Josie said...

Couldn't live without mine! In fact I think I bought it after reading one of your Essentials posts! x

Josie’s Journal

Hayley Willetts said...

This is really weird. I've just purchased a new denim shirt and was looking for inspiration on ways to wear it this morning. This is the 2nd blog post I've come across that has given it to me! Thank you :)


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