[Food] Dinner Party with Fortnum & Mason

A few nights ago I had a little dinner party with my girl friends, and being the typically disorganised person I am it had got to about 4pm on the day itself and I had still failed to do any organising. It's a well known joke amongst my friends that I am not the best cook (I have made all of the classic errors, including cooking spaghetti bolognese for my vegetarian mate) so I needed a quick solution.  So I did what girls of the modern age do and took to Twitter to help me out (tweet here)...

With minutes Fortnum & Mason piped up saying they did same day delivery services.  My instinct went "gah, sounds expensive," but I was given a call by their chef (Julian, who was fantastic) who went through a (dare I say it) kick-ass menu including duck, smoked salmon, Dublin prawns, burrata, smoked hams... I could go on, but just look at the pictures - for about £20 per person. Not bad, look at it!?

Fortnum and Mason 2012 Chardonnay and 2011 Pinot Noir

Not forgetting wine and pudding obviously.  F&M popped in a bottle of red and white to compliment the food (the Chardonnay in particular was incredible), and puddings were a selection of cakes and creams from their patisserie.  It took us approximately 1 minutes and 25 seconds to inhale them, and I was left with 7 very full ladies (and very satisfied dog who had strategically placed himself next to the girl most likely to crack and give him leftovers).  

Thank you very much Fortnum & Mason - my friends were very impressed, if not a little confused how I'd managed to pull it off (even if there were a couple of comments about me being slightly Carrie Bradshaw and getting it all out of boxes... but when the boxes are that nice... who cares!).


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness this looks incredible! Fortnum's is always on my list of places to visit but now I can bring it to me!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm incredibly jealous of your F&M dinner party! Although at £20 per head that's really rather reasonable - only a bit more than you'd pay for a burger, sides and a drink at Byron...All looks amazing!

Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

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