[Feature] Whats In My Rucksack?

A few weeks ago, L.K.Bennett approached myself, Anneli and Wendy with an idea.  A very simple one; wearing a rucksack. I for one had never worn one before (unless you count being eight years old, when my mum bought me one so large it rubbed on the backs of my calves on my way to school) so was pretty keen to give it a go.  You'd have to have lived in a hole this year not to have noticed rucksacks are a pretty key piece right now, but was I going to be able to pull if off? 

L.K.Bennett Sophia rucksack / APC x Liberty Tee (old - similar here) / Zara denim/linen shorts (old - similar here) / Shore Projects watch / Jimmy Choo x Carrera sunglasses

So, off I went on my first day armed with my Sophia (the lady herself, which has just launched on the L.K.Bennett site)... As much as you could argue you are "hands free" with a handbag it feels all the more apparent when you wear a rucksack.  I'm normally balancing carrying a dog lead, answering phone calls, finding my Oyster card, using my wallet and grabbing my sunglasses all at the same time.

This somehow felt an awful lot more doable with my Sophia than with any of my others (all the more noticeable when you go back to using your usual bag, and you drop your phone and the dog makes a run for it halfway up the street...).  Forget hands free, this is arms free - running around town was an awful lot easier and I didn't have that ache in my shoulder I usually do after a long day...

I am completely sold. Who'd have thought something so simple could make my day that bit easier? I guess the next issue is, was it big enough? Size matters with these things.  I could fit my iPad easily in it on top of all my usual essentials. It's funny, until setting up my camera to take this I'd never really considered that I had "essentials" as I'm pretty "rough and ready," but on trying to lay this out artily I've realised there are some bits I just cannot live without besides the obvious keys, wallet, phone, etc...

You've probably noticed quite a few tech-type things, but when you work on the go you have no choice but to be prepared. My iPad and I are joined at the hip, closely followed by my Anker phone charger (£10 and has around 4 full charges for your phone before needing a boost itself, I bought one last year and now all my friends have them) and my Alcatel My-Wifi dongle (£20 and you can get 4G coverage wherever you are).  The Kindle was a birthday present, I wish I had more time to read but I always keep it in my bag just in case.

Beauty wise, I'm clocking up quite a list now which is quite impressive given how "only-face-wipe" I used to be:
  • Weleda Skin Food I think I've talked about this on the blog before, it's an absolute saviour. I get patches of dry skin quite a bit in summer, and it's also great for sun burn and scratches. Available in a lot of places but cheapest at Birchbox.
  • Guinot Eye Fresh Cream As you know I'm a bit obsessed with Guinot's facials, but this is a product is one you can use at home. If you've ever had a late night, this gets rid of it. You need one. Seriously
  • OPI Big Apple Red I always keep a red polish in my bag as it goes with everything. OPIs are bullet proof, I've even managed to paint my nails on a busy, jittering bus without a problem
  • Ciate Brocade Parade and Rimmel Pillow Talk You may have seen on my Instagram that I've been wearing these two together a lot recently - my new found faves.
  • Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation I don't wear a lot of make up, but this is a must. Just one pump of it a day keeps my skin looking fresh, and rinses off easily in the evenings too. Stocked at Space NK
  • Yes To Cucumbers Moisturiser Loving this at the moment. Not too greasy and your skin just feels so clean afterwards. Marvellous product, and am convinced it counts as one of your five a day, right?
  • Mary Kay Mascara - Sworn by this for a long time, every girl should have one.
  • Original Minerals Atomic Thickening Spritz I use this several times a day to give my hair a bit of beach-like texture. I used to swear by salt spray but it made my hair so dry and brittle in the heat, this is a real improvement

Other bits you might notice are my jewellery, this time by Monica Vinader and J Crew (I was taught by my Grannie to always keep something in your bag in case you need to quickly look a little more glam, she also told me to always keep Wine Gums too in case you needed to break the ice in a conversation and offer someone one, cute).  My inhalers are never more than a foot away from me (in case you didn't know already, I'm a chronic asthmatic...), and lastly my aviators are always close by.

I hope you enjoyed that little insight into my daily world!  I really would recommend giving a rucksack a go if you're anything like me and always on the go.  As someone who tries to stick by shopping practically, the Sophia is a fantastic option. Find it at LK Bennett here.

This post was written in collaboration with LK Bennett. Photos by Michelle Bobb Parris


thankfifi said...

Love that we all wore them differently! I can absolutely agree about backpacks making life easier for us dogwalkers ;)


sooz said...

I love your kindle cover. Do you mind if I ask where you got it? :)

Anonymous said...

The colorful paisley looks so good on you! E x

Unknown said...

Absolutely loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I've been looking for a good portable phone charger and after reading your review, just bought one! Looking forward to trying some of these other products, too. Thanks! x

Unknown said...

Just shot this backpack for Red - it's so good! I bought one last season and honestly, wasn't sure it would make the cut this season but glad it has! x

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