[Essential] Denim Cut Off Shorts

It's been a while since I have done an essentials post, which is a shame as it's probably what has led to me going slightly off piste recently.  Ben and I have pretty limited storage space in our current flat and what with his new season starting and me starting some cool project, we both know our wardrobes are going to be getting a little cramped in the next few weeks.  So, we've been having a clear out and whilst doing so I realised I'd acquired quite a lot (read: loads) in the last couple of months - since my last clear out. 

It was when I got to the jeans that I struggle. I love them. Adore them. Cannot have enough of them.  As an example, Paige jeans kindly sent me this pair last week (after a very public search for them on Twitter) I've been like a teenager with a new boyfriend. Told everyone, stayed with them constantly, given them pride of place in my bedroom (the latter of course never happened really, Mum).  I digress... I had a couple of pairs of ones where the relationship had gone sour and decided to make them into shorts instead...

Denim shorts, the unspoken "must have" of summer for the last 10 years.  You never hear of a friend buying them, they just suddenly acquire them.  Magazines rarely promote them as a trend, yet everyone on the street style circuit has them.  But where do they all come from?

Well two ways... You can DIY a pair of jeans into them (if you want to do this, follow my friend G's  failsafe guide here), the advantages being that you can cut them the exactly right shape for yourself, and you know the jeans are the right size... as they're already your jeans.  The disadvantage is that by the time you've lost the love for whatever pair of jeans you are cutting to make the into shorts, they may well have lost their colour and shape, and also just won't last as long - as you've already had them a while (one tip, if the denim is really weak, roll the ends up rather than letting them hang, like in some of these pictures).

If you need further convincing have a look at my Pinterest board here where I've been harvesting pictures like all the ones here for a good 2 years (yup, I need a new hobby).   I've found so many good pairs it was impossible to talk about them all, so have a look at my edit below, including what to wear with them... (however, for a budget pair you really cannot go wrong with ASOS, this lot are fab, and for a more expensive option always look at Paige Jeans), enjoy!


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Unknown said...

Love how denim shorts are such an unspoken wardrobe essential. I seem to acquire pairs out of nowhere! Completely agree with you about Asos too, they have such an awesome selection xx

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