[Craving] Whistles New Season AW14

Not sure about you but I am well and truly done with sale time.  Don't get me wrong I've picked up a few bargains, but I am ready for a change.  It probably doesn't help that I'm not the keenest summer dresser so this 32 degree (say WUT?) London heat has felt like the apocalypse.  I'm so ready for some cooler, long sleeve tee shirt type, sunshine.  

Whistles White Coat (she's probably a bit warm here, but give her a few months and she'll have a happier face)

The temperature is also causing me to rinse cash, as an example last weekend I dived into Harvey Nichols purely to benefit from the air conditioning and found myself in Whistles spending all my money (namely these sale bargains here and here) whilst going through their new season and made a strong decision: I would quite happily dress solely from their new in category for the foreseeable future.  Here are my favourites...

So to kick off with, here's a jumpsuit.  Clever blend of a pair of dungarees and jumpsuit in fact (dungasuit? jumparees? dungajump..?).  The fabric is linen and they're navy = you can wear them a lot. The embellished pool slides will definitely not make boys fancy you, but girls will think you are super, super cool. A few pieces are your new forever-basics; Whistles are renown for their leather jackets, this white split skirt could be a very useful piece (with vests now, jumpers later) and the navy skater dress is a bit of a failsafe for a night out, or even the office. Oh, and I wouldn't be being me if I didn't mention a navy and white stripe piece so here are two: love this strapless dress and the jumper has got lazy-Sunday written all over it (well it's hasn't, it's got C'est La vie, but whatever). Finally, I've mentioned the leather culottes in last week's post so I won't again but if you are after a solid investment, they're your new friends.

Sometimes I do worry that I get a little bit "samey" harping on about Whistles - but you know what? I don't care. For me, they are without a doubt the best store for norm core-with-an-edge dressing - enjoy!


Sarah said...

So in love with all of these!

SuperSummer said...

That coat is just gorgeous!!

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