[Outfit] Summer Staples - The Palm Print

Here is my first little outfit post in my Summer Staples trio with Atterley Road. As my post last month showed, I'm a bit obsessed with all things palm print this season. So it will be no surprise this was the theme I picked out as an essential summer purchase.  I've long been a fan of Ganni, right from when they were simply a cashmere brand ten years ago.  Since they've carved themselves a very sleek Scandi niche; awesome basics and then a bit of fun with pieces like these trousers and shirt.

I thought I might feel a bit too fashion in it as it's quite a loud look for me, but it's so comfortable I don't really care. The print is so summer cool - I'm going to wear the trousers constantly on holiday (next week, I can't wait - to say I need some sun is an understatement) as a quick "pull them on" at lunchtime with my bikini for some salad and most probably a beer.  The shirt will be worn in the same way, or with my 15 year old denim shorts for a bit of a different look.  Or even worn open with my bikini on the walk back up to the apartment (we're very lucky as Ben's mum has a place in the old town in Palma, which is actually available to rent here).

Worn on the streets of Battersea obviously has an entirely different feel.  I like to think of it as urban cool. Nancy was falling over herself with love for the shirt as she was taking the photos.  I'd never have dared to wear the two parts together, but they looked like an all-in-one, and I've had so many compliments whilst wearing them (including some very rowdy builders on the other side of the street).  

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I'll be posting my other two outfit posts this week and if you follow me on Instagram and like the photo (if you like the outfit, that is) Atterley Road will be picking a "liker"  from the most popular photo at the end of the week, who will win all of the Atterley Road pieces.  That feels like a longwinded sentence, but you get what I mean!  Or if you can't wait that long, you can shop the post using the handy little widget below!



Miss Twiggy said...

I love this look... very intereresting and chic!

Josie said...

You look amazing, that print is SO good...I love palm trees but find it so hard finding the perfect print x

Josie’s Journal

Jaela said...

cute jumpsuit...I love it

Unknown said...

Love this outfit - much bolder than I could ever go for!

Hayley | Bonjour, Blogger!

The Style Box said...

That outfit is completely perfect.

Sarah said...

Absolutely adore this look!

Mia said...

Love this look, looks great together or worn as separates x

thankfifi said...

love them and why wear one when you can wear them both?!


I am def entering on Insta!

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