[Outfit] Summer Staples - The Leather Jacket

In case you've just joined in, this week I'm posting about my three Summer Staples with Atterley Road.  On Monday I showed you my take on this season's craze for palm prints with a lovely Ganni two piece (have a look here) and today's post is all about a new found "must have" - a summer leather jacket.  

Bikers were one of the first things I claimed a staple in my wishlist wardrobe.  I've had my black Whistles one for years now, and having spotted a lot of other coloured ones on the street style mafia during fashion week I'd been on the look out for a softer shade.  This one from Samsoe and Samsoe is just perfect - as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine.  Its not too fitted, not too oversize, soft as silk and a versatile enough colour to go with just about any summer outfit. And so it became the second piece of my Summer Staple wardrobe...

I've been wearing it with my boyfriend jeans, vests, heels (night) or flats (day) - I would say I've worn it for 4 days out of 7 in a week... Here is one of the outfits I rustled together to show quite how handy something like this can be.  I've wanted this Ganni jumpsuit for the entire season, so when I spotted it on Atterley Road I near enough sat by my door waiting for it to arrive.

It's a perfect pairing, both equally easy to wear.  The jumpsuit is perfect for summer evenings and neither too formal nor too casual.  I wore this to a friend's drinks the other week and couldn't believe the number of compliments I got on it considering how simple it is.  As for the jacket, well anyone who so much as brushed past me commented on how soft it was.  I wore them with my trusty Whistles Slammer sandals (past season) and a new J Crew necklace I was given at Laura's evening at the store nearby on Drayton Avenue...

If you like this outfit, get it for yourself!  Watch out for my post of it on Instagram and simply like the post for a chance to win the Atterley Road pieces.  So far the palm print look is doing extremely well, so gather the troops to make this one come up trumps if you want it!

Photos by Nancy H Gibbs


Nancy said...

Such a great location to photograph - the shots came out beautifully you little beauty :)

N xxx

Mia said...

Gorgeous outfit, even from the pictures the jacket looks sooo soft xx

thankfifi said...

Love the look and these shots are incredible :)


rcm5289 said...

love this jacket!

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