[Outfit] Opportunist Door Snapping

Unfortunately my usual wonderful photographer Nancy didn't come on holiday with me (although in fairness, it might have been a bit odd for her) so it meant I had to rope Ben into it.  To his credit, he was very patient about it - any blogger will know there is a line between asking someone to take a "quick snap" and the "perfect snap."  One problem is finding the perfect spot... so I couldn't have been more impressed when Ben spotted this green door on the streets of Palma and voluntarily suggested it would be a great place to do some blog shots...

I'd been saving this dress for my holiday, it was bought in a rather spontaneous fashion... When I got home for a night out in Los Angeles and couldn't sleep with jet lag.  It was reduced down to £18 and in truth it's one of my absolute favourites... I'm now going to be wearing it all summer, and then with my little cropped tops when it gets a bit cooler (which I've also drunkenly bought in bulk for about £5, see them here).  I forgot to take pictures of the back (what I really mean is, I didn't want to test Ben's patience asking for more photos) but it has lovely little spaghetti strap details, have a look here.

The sandals are an equally proud purchase from Topshop. I've been wearing them constantly since the sun came out.  I bought the black but since I've been managing to walk around all day in them (1 inch heel = win) I'm now after the brown, at £28 you really cannot go wrong!  There are some similar white ones on ASOS too which I've been thinking about - if anyone has them, can you let me know if they're comfy? If so, you've got yourself a deal! As for make up, there is none. One of my favourite things to do on holiday is to let my skin breathe. Especially in the evenings as it has suncream on it all day... Speaking of suncream, I tried out a face one from Guinot - never been more impressed, it has cover up in it so you need nothing else on!

Here are the links to my whole outfit, and some more similar styles - enjoy!



Josie said...

That dress is SO cute, I love the strappy back detail especially. So jealous of your tan too x

Josie’s Journal

Unknown said...

Super cute summer dress!


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