[Feature] Summer Staples with Atterley Road

Atterley Road is one of those stores I love to never tell anyone about, writing this pains me a little bit.  I've been shopping there for just over a year, when I bought these sandals.  So many people asked me where I'd got them, I realised I was on to something. I've since used it to stock up on all of my quality basics; tees, stripes, leathers and denims.  

Their selection really is very, very good. So, it is with absolute pleasure that I bring you my little collaboration with them; Summer Staples.  Throughout the week I will be showing my 3 summer staple purchases (these photos provide a few hints) - and by liking your favourite on my Instagram (posted in line with the posts this week) you will get the chance to win the whole outfit

So, I hope you enjoy the next week few posts, and have a lovely week!

Photos by Nancy H Gibbs.


Ruby Sterland said...

I look forward to seeing your other posts, these pictures are so nice! Very jealous of your wardrobe. Looks like a good collaboration x

Sarah said...

I have been in love with the Ganni palm print forever, didn't realise they were stocked on Atterley Road! Looking forward to the posts :)x

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