[Trend] Palm Prints

lovely denim palm print shirt / swimsuit - get exact one here

Maybe it's just having returned from LA (or more specifically having visited The Beverly Hills hotel) but palm prints seem to be everywhere at the moment.  I first spotted them on this Reiss bikini (pretty much sold out, but if your size remains please buy it as it's beautiful). I then walked pass Zara yesterday spotting this dress and this beauty in the window... You only have to look at the 30+ items in Topshop (here) to have it confirmed this is very much a trend for summer...

Blair Eadie in her bomber jacket (buy her exact jacket from Shopbop, here) / another swimsuit!

Personally my favourite bits are the green ones, but the prints seem to be popping in all sorts of colours - and the accessories (like the Edie Parker one below) are super fun.  It's sort of a Hawaiian feel but somewhere not prim - not just for surfer dudes or post-beach outfits. ASOS have tonnes of the prints, but as they don't have flat cut images on their site I couldn't include them on the boards; check out this (reduced from £131 to £20!) and this if you're after something for a teeny price.  Anything to keep up hope of summer, right?



Miss Twiggy said...


Anonymous said...

Love all of these! I have the Topshop trousers, they're awesome. Your blog is ace! Lisax

gaby said...

The prints are so pretty and fun I have Palm tree blouse!!
The first look is my favorite !!!


The Fashion Lift said...

I adore that first shirt, can't beat a print on chambray, love it! X

Unknown said...

Absolutely love this blog post - I'm still obsessed with this print after visiting BHH last August!


The swimsuit is incredible!

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