[Outfit] Bouncing Down Route 66

As you might have noticed from my Instagram (sorry-im-not-sorry) I went to California with the girls last week.  After a few days in LA, we headed to Vegas and (being the "blondes" that we are) realised we were in fact on Route 66.  The journey is 4 hours by car and far easier than I thought - listen to any American and they'll tell you that you need water and emergency supplies - the reality is that it's a fairly busy road and there are service stations every half an hour.  However, we did find one little area of "nothingness" which is where I decided to drag the girls into taking some blog photos...

I got this dress back in February, it was love at first sight.   I'd been after a Marant style cover up for ages and so when ASOS brought this one out I knew I had to have it.  It's super comfortable to wear but the UK hasn't quite been warm enough (although having got off the plane to home without needing a coat yesterday, I'm optimistic that summer is here).  My sandals are from Atterley Road, I bought them last year when they kindly gave me a voucher.  I've worn them to death, and as they're available this year I think I might have to make the purchase again.  They're in perfect condition but they're my best sandal purchase ever so I want to make sure I have them for years!

When we got back, we had a final trip to downtown LA for a night before heading home.  We were lucky enough to be put up by JW Marriott in their hotel near LA Live.  Read all about it later in the week!


thankfifi said...

Such a great dress :)
So many years since I did a similar drive, from San Fran to Vegas via Yosemite, and the best rpadtrip of my life... now I want to go back!


Unknown said...

This is such a gorgeous post and you have made me VERY jealous. Loving the dress on you too.

Sarah Betty xx

Unknown said...

Your dress is so pretty! I hope you had a lovely trip xx

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