[Travel] 24 Hours in Munich with Sofitel

As some of you may have noticed, I've got a little more time on my hands at the moment. So when PRCO asked me if I fancied going to Munich for 24 hours there was very little reason for me not to! I was invited with a group of bloggers from across Europe as part of Sofitel's pair-up with Wallpaper Magazine.  They launched a competition called 'My-Bed' inviting designers to "dream" their ideal sleep (read the initial brief here) and were showcasing the winning design at Sofitel Munich Bayerpost which got me quite excited as I do love a good sleep...

After a surprisingly short flight, I was whisked off in a limo (by a lovely French man who told me Munich was much better than London as, "they are prettier" and much better than Paris because, "the Germans have manners and work on schedule") and arrived at the hotel.  What a treat it was... My room was just... gorgeous.  I didn't really know what to expect but the open bathroom and Hermes bathroom goodies were certainly and added bonus.

Not to mention the bed; the size of my bedroom at home and with possibly the best pillows I've ever laid my little head on (we were given one to take away, which despite the challenge of wrestling into my hand luggage the next morning was one of the best gifts I've ever been given).  After a long massage in the SoSpa and an afternoon's relaxation of just doing nothing, I head downstairs to view the competition winner and their "winning sleep".

A fab part about this kind of thing as a blogger, is meeting new people like you... Together with KateSophie, Samantha and Hassin I inhaled the canapes (except for a slightly odd peach flavoured caviar, which we tactically disposed of in a manner we won't discuss, ever) while Clementine (the winner) talked through her idea and inspiration. Now, I'm no design whizz but even I really liked Clementine's (a French product designer) idea.  The ladder symbolises the uplifting and dreaming aspects of sleep, and stepping stones into bed reflected the effort and care you need to take into making sure you get a good 40 winks.

After a yummy dinner at the hotel restaurant (steak, chips and from I remember, copious amounts of red wine) there was just about time for a soak in the bath (complete with rubber duck, win) before what I like to call, The Best Nights Sleep Of My Entire Life.  Seriously, the beds - sod going out to see the city, stay there and just sleep and stuff.  All in all, a fantastic stay - could argue the French culture of the hotel was a little odd considering we were in Germany, but in terms of service, luxury and fun I really couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Sofitel, and PRCO for a great time!

Flights to Munich run 4 times a day from Gatwick airport by most short haul operators.  Sofitel Munich rooms start at £169 per night.

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