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I read a piece in Grazia last week whilst on the way to Munich (more on that to come) where the point was made that fashion right now is all about looking incredibly "normal."  It got me thinking... They're entirely right.  You only have to look at the amount of street style posts there are of girls in trainers, white tees and boyfriends jean combos to get the gist. I realised I'd never done an outfit post on the stuff I live in the most - which are exactly the basics Grazia was referring to. So, here you go:

Grey jeans are one of the best "basics" decisions I've made. Mine are from AND Denim and are the Flynn fit, however they can be tricky to find to and the Paige Skinny Mid Rise at Selfridges are also really, really nice. Before the blog, I'd never spent more than around £50 on a pair of jeans and lived in high street styles.  Now (aside from those pesky ASOS Bradys) I rarely wear a cheap pair.  Expensive jeans look just that.  They hold their shape, they flatter and they keep their colour.  Rather than saving up for a dress for a single occasion, make that you high street purchase and invest in a good pair of denims, trust me.

As for tees, my purchasing habits have done a 180* too.  Gone are the days of "2 for £10" on this kind of thing.  My first investment tee was a James Perse grey marl short sleeve and I've never looked back. In fact, if it wasn't for losing (possibly having it pinched by someone who will know darn well when they read this... tsk) it, I'm certain it would still look as good right now despite me having worn it pretty much every week. This long sleeve is a new addition and is just as good, and it's super, super soft. If I could afford it, I'd have every style in every neutral colour.

The boots are a little bit extravagant but are worth not eating for a month for, they're my "super crazy luxe achilles heel."  From Jimmy Choo, they're lined (don't hate, made from bi product fur) and they're warm and they're sturdy looking and awesome. Everything a biker boot should be, with a bit more luxury thrown in as Choo does so well. And lastly the new necklace shows how to spend less on trends on the high street, it was £20 from Zara last week - and looks set to be the spring version of that plaid scarf everyone had from them last season, I've spotted about 15 girls wearing it so far!



Unknown said...

I do love this post, you are so right. It clicked for me a while ago that I don't want to spend money on occcasion wear, I want to spend it on the things I wear day in day out. Constantly perving on good tees

Chambray & Curls

Wheelingalong said...

I love this outfit, mostly because it's just so comfortable looking lol. Although I don't think I'll ever have the budget to buy anything that's not high street I agree with your invest in the pieces you wear the most. For me I always invest in boots (because I wear them the most) coats (because I wear them for years) & bras....
I'd love to see a post on everything you recommend investing in & where you think makes the best :)


Polarbelle said...

Great post with a great outfit. I adore the necklace you've paired with it!

Anonymous said...

So ready to place a James Perse order before the summerrrrr

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