[Feature] Malibu x Sera Ulger

Here's something a little bit different to my usual jeans and t shirt combos! In the spirit (excuse the pun) of the coconut rum yumminess; sometimes you just need to have fun with fashion. That's exactly what I did with Malibu and their new summer collaboration with Sera Ulger a couple of weeks ago.  Sera is a relatively new designer on the scene (having worked with the "greats" from Topshop to J Crew previously), who hand paints her prints to an incredible detail creating a bottle design for Mailbu incorporating everything the brand is about (sunshine, summer, fun, frolics). Above is one of the dresses she created to run alongside the bottle design, I couldn't help but push to borrow it after seeing it being used in the campaign...

Myself, Bip and Gem all went down see the shoot in action, getting to meet Sera to ask her all about how the idea came about and what her inspiration was behind the designs she created for the project. Here is my little interview above (which is huge testament to the video production team as the two of us worked out we had mutual friends as we're both North Londoners and kept going off in a massive tangent - sorry).

Sera's bottle is available for six weeks from today (Monday the 14th of April) so if you're spending an evening with friends relaxing for what I hope is the start of summer, if you are off to a house party or just fancy something different to spruce up your evening try a bottle of this stuff.  My cocktail of choice is some cranberry juice, squeeze of lime and a dash of orange liquer - with a measure of Malibu! You can find out more about Sera and the whole campaign over on Malibu's Facebook page.

*Photos by Nancy Gibbs, this post is in collaboration with Malibu UK and Tea and Cake PR


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