[Essentials] Leather Trouser Love

I'm about to make a fairly enormous purchase: some investment leather trousers.  Having lusted after the ones seen on everyone from Katie Holmes to Elin Kling, I've decided to invest in a pair of Joseph leggings. It has been a hard decision, for a start they are very expensive.  But I've been collating up images on Pinterest for over a year (here) and feel I now have can justify the immense purchase.

My love for leather started last year and has never gone away. I have one other pair which I have worn to death from Marks and Spencer, but they're half ponte fabric and I want the all over leather look.  For anyone looking for a good "starter" pair then I really recommend the M&S ones are they are only £99.  Before these I thought leather was just for the skinnier girl, but actually I feel my most confident in them as they properly fit (without being tight, as in you could have dessert in them and not feel gross - my usual benchmark) and the fabric really does make you feel a bit, dare I say it, sexy.

For me, when it comes to leather Joseph really is a winner. Helmut Lang was a close second but having done research I found out the Lang's are quite long and as I'm 5 foot 3 that wouldn't really work.  I literally cannot wait for them to arrive, I know they're going to last me forever!  I've been selling a few items on Vestiaire to justify the purchase. If anyone is looking for a Phillip Lim Pashli or some Charlotte Olympia kitty heels, be my guest and shop my closet!  

As you can see from the images, you can wear pretty much anything with them, so my breton shirts, denim chambray, tees and utility jackets all have a good partner in crime now. I'm obsessed with the all over black look like the ones above - leather looks so good with black tuxedo jackets... Here are my favourite leathers and pieces to wear with them (sorry if this tempts you!):



gaby said...

Amazing looks really, love leather pants but unfortunately where I live is too hot that I can't wear them !!


My Scandinavian Home said...

Love leather trousers. I think it would be rude not to get a pair for the Swedish spring?!

Fashion Follows Her said...

Leather trousers... oh I wish I could squeeze my naughty thighs into a pair- fab look!

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