[Craving] Stuff I Want In March

Straight up this is the stuff I wanna be buying this month. Basically I've decided spring is here and am sick, to, death of wearing the same old stuff. When it's dark in the mornings you seriously lack any inspiration to make an effort and I found myself living in dark colours and looking extremely boring. As I did a huge clear out in February, I have some funds to make some purchases this month. I decided I'm only buying pieces that are quick-fix style savers... What I mean by that is, I can wear with all my normal basics and instantly give the outfit a bit of an upgrade. As you can see I'm hardly parting the see with my choices, but I feel popping these into my closet will give my style a much needed facelift...

I've been using Pinterest (no surprises there) to house items that I've been craving, here is my board in case you ever what to see how I secretly spend my day. I find it super handy, as its a fixed place where I can put everything and I won't forget... As soon as I got paid I was straight onto the H&M site and bought this hat. I had seen my friend Wendy in it over fashion week and just knew it had to become a part of my life (and, as I signed up to the H&M emails I got 25% off my first purchase so it was actually only £18 - win!). As below, I've decided that the little red dress is as important as the little black one so I've been coveting this Carven one from The Outnet...

Next up, you might remember a post I did last year wearing this Whistles pleather skirt... Well it's a sad story, I lost it. So I'm currently debating over whether or not I buy it again. It's £95, and considering it's "pleather" I really cannot tell the difference between it and my leather pieces - and the fabric is a perfect way to funk up your work wardrobe, got a bit of an edge to it. Secondly, I'm having a bit of a love affair with COS at the moment - I feel like given And Other Stories is now around COS (as it's slightly older sister) has upped her game. This pink coat and this oversize-collared shirt are the bomb. Beauty wise, I've stocked up on Benefit Chachatint to give me a skin a bit of a lift, I've also been buying summer colours for my nails as find it the best quick cheap pick me up... Finally, after a period of "nothingness" I spied this Oasis snakeskin top the other day and have decided it will be my way to give the print a try.

Oooh, I've also ordered this ASOS dress, pre empting holiday dressing (LA for Easter, including a trip to Vegas to see the one and only Britney Spears). I mean come on, £75 and could be a Marant. Obviously had to have it, right?


Miss Twiggy said...

I looove ASOS... and that pink coat...

Sarah said...

The coat is so perfect!

thankfifi said...

Thank you for just solving my quest for affordable leather mules! And hooray for the hat - you're gonna love it.x


Style, à la Rob said...

Love the camo jumper so so much! Am also obsessed with COS and & Other Stories and miss them so much (living in Melbourne at the moment)! Great finds :-) x

gaby said...

I love the skirt and trainers !!



Fashion Follows Her said...

Oh the Anya Hindmarch handbag... yes please!!

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