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As regular followers will know, I'm a little obsessed with my Pinterest account.  I've been "working on it" heavily this year, as I find it such a useful tool to housing ideas for future blog posts, outfit ideas and trend spotting (not to mention the typical holiday and dream home musings). And for us bloggers out there, it's a pretty nifty traffic tool. Last week Kimberley pinned this image to from my pins to her pinboard and thanks to her 1.3 million followers my traffic went nuts for 4 days. Which lead me into thinking, Nike Air Maxs may just be something I need to pick up on since they're so damn popular.

Every season there is a trainer/sneaker of choice. We've been through the Liberty collaborations, Adidas neons, New Balances... Right now it's all about the Nike Air Maxs for me (I know about the Stan Smiths... I don't get it, it's a 40 year old shoe). You need a pair, I need a pair. We can wear them with everything. I'm not all that interested in the bright coloured ones, it's me after all. So I decided to use good old Pinterest to get some inspiration on a simple, but interesting pair. These images are my findings....

I loved the way Joyce wore them above. No fuss, just basics and some Maxs. Then I found the Ultimates, see below. Gold and silver? Excessive? Perhaps, but awesome? Yes. After frantically hunting around the web for pairs like these, I've realised that the owner of these pairs made them via the Custom ID tool on the Nike site (although I did find this super cool pair of mint green metallics ready to wear). So if you fancy the golds, silvers, totally one colours... the easiest way is via this app. I think I'll go for the white or the silver... (or join the Net A Porter wait list here) Which are your favourite?

Here are a list of my favourites:



Anonymous said...

OMG yes please. All of them! I've been waiting for them to come back on NAP for months :(


Unknown said...

I didn't realise you could make the metallic numbers on the Nike ID site!!! I missed out in them in the UK as they sold out so damn fast but I managed to bag a pair while in NYC last month and I'm here to tell you they are amazing! SO shiny and have the chemical symbol for silver on the tongue! Amazing! Those velvet ones at the top are lovely though so now have my eyes on those too!


kathryn said...

Love the trend - especially for cities like NYC and London, days of getting errands done, or just being comfortable and yet put together to and from work. Also really like them for travel. I think they're a little more upscale compared to the usual converse. Really dig it.

Unknown said...

I am kinda desperate as I cannot find the black velvet ones. Can you please tell which model of Air Max are they exactly? OMG I want them

Anonymous said...

Yes please does anyone know what model the black ones are? I can't find them online!

Anonymous said...

They are the Nike Air Max 90 VT – Black Suede

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