[Travel] Pumba Game Reserve, Western Cape

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know, I was one of those smug annoying people posts pictures of my winter sunshine holiday to South Africa over Christmas. Sorry I'm not sorry... Ben and I took a trip to Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay over 3 weeks, spending time with family, friends and some much needed "just us" time. As a surprise, Ben took me on safari for the night to Pumba Game Reserve, near Port Elizabeth. 

our room in the Msenge Bush Lodge

view (and our own pool) from the room / my Charlotte Taylor swimsuit + Maison Scotch shorts

I had no idea what to expect, safari was one of those "bucket list" things I thought I'd never really get around to doing. When I first walked into our lodge I was a bit overwhelmed with how amazing it was. You can see from the pictures above that it was pretty special. We had our own pool that overlooked the main watering hole, and you well and truly felt "part of nature" with the monkeys making every attempt to get into your room, and stepping over snakes on your way back from the pool.... After a quick dip and venture around the main lodge, we were off on our sunset drive...

Within minutes we spotted a loan giraffe (above) and herds of zebra (probably not the right term, but still). The reserve is enormous, the picture above is of the other lodge centre where we ate dinner overlooking the hippos on their way to bed! Just when we thought our animal spots for the evening were over, we stumbled (almost literally) on a group of elephants and their baby. We didn't realise how many there were - first spot was of one in a bush and then the whole family came out - incredible!

The next morning was an early start (6am drive) and after very little sleep (Ben convinced me a lion was trying to get into our room, very funny for him but less so for me...) I was worried I'd not be 'with it' enough for the excursion, but the views were incredible and you  forget how early it is within minutes. Do wrap up though, I had no idea what to wear (as it was a surprise, I didn't pack much suitable although this ASOS jumpsuit was perfect) it is cold before sunrise even in high summer.

I just can't tell you how great it was, it was an unbelievably special couple of days.  On top of the drives, the food and service was amazing - it is a long drive from Port Elizabeth (100km) but that aside, I couldn't have felt further from London town and it was a trip I will never, ever forget. If you are lucky enough to be heading over to South Africa, I fully recommend Pumba. Rooms start at around £300 per person per night (includes two drives, and all food and drink). Thank you to everyone at Pumba for an amazing stay, we'll be back!



Lulu said...

It looks stunning!! So glad that you had such a great trip to SA:)

Unknown said...

The elephants and giraffes look amazing! I hope you had fun :)

Anonymous said...

So pleased you had such a good time in my country!

amy said...

We went to Shamwari in October as part of our honeymoon trip around South Africa and I flipping loved every minute of it. It rained, it was cold, it was three days of super early starts, but it was just incredible. You can't describe how wonderful it is, it just doesn't do it justice. So glad you loved it too.

thankfifi said...

looks just incredible - amazing room - I guess the promise of safari is the only thing that could entice you to leave that room!


Tribute to the Tribe said...

Amazing! Love the scenery.

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