[Bought] Finding The Dream Cross Body Bag

For a while now I've been trying to find a new handbag... I don't spend quickly on these things as I'll guilt trip myself for buying the wrong one for ages if I do. Maybe it's an age thing (I turn 30 this year and am now blaming every tiny change in my psyche on a major mid life crisis), but I'm so over the shoulder bags.  I'm fed up of having one side of my body in agony after lugging a laptop around, and they're not very practical when you have a dog with a penchant for being carried everywhere he can get away with...

So, my hunt for the perfect cross body bag began, the brief was clear: good quality, practical, stylish enough for drinks with friends as well as a day bag, and can fit my phone, keys, make up and other menial cr*p I insist on taking with me at all times. Maximum budget: £200... I decided to use Vestiaire as firstly, our sale is on, and secondly I know I want a designer one as they're better made so I'll get more for my money. Whilst browsing the site I found some gems, so thought I'd share (below)!

I finally settled on this Louis Vuitton satchel (another option) style, as I figured it's a great day time option and will look cute with dresses in summer and cool with coats and my taupe/camel coloured stuff in winter (but also, the colour pretty much goes with everything). The LV monogrammed stuff as done a bit of a U-turn for me - it's now cool again (I hope) so I'm hoping I've spent wisely - though to be honest for £125, I think I've done extremely well...



Sarah said...

I'm head over heels in love with the Celine bag!

Darcy Patterson said...

*Sigh* the LV Chain Louise in your first picture.
I have been stalking that purse for months! Love it.

Darcy xx

Unknown said...

Lovely inspo!

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