[Advent] Scuba Skirting with River Island

I'm going to be honest with you. I've turned into a fashion snob. Not in the sense of going totally ridiculous, but if I really want something (and I really do think before I buy, to the extent it's usually out of stock by the time I decide) and there is one thats £15 and one thats £150, I'll probably buy the £150 for quality purposes.  It does mean I shop a lot, lot less - but enjoy my clothes a lot, lot more.  However, ever so often there is something high street I just can't ignore. And at the moment, this skirt from River Island is my exception.

It's made from that scuba fabric (neoprene, if you're particular) so it's got some structure to it (which means, the fact it goes in at your smallest part and flares out = it makes your smallest part look even smaller).  It's pretty enough to be girly, and tough enough to be masculine.  I wear mine with my Celine  Dion tee and my favourite SuperTrash bow loafers, or go the total other way and put it with my Thomas Pink shirt and my J Crew Necklace and bright LK Bennett heels (the only heels that don't hurt, period).  Dressing in December is hard, you've got be warm for one. Then you're expected to wear stuff that you can work in and play in. This skirt is perfect, so grab a pair of Wolfords (and the skirt) and enjoy.

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