[Advent] Pump It Up For Christmas

This year pumps changed from what people with no style at all wore, to what people with every bit of fashion sense wore 24/7.  Championed by Celine and followed in droves, everyone wanted to get their hands on them.  Harrods sold out of one of their deliveries in 10 minutes over the summer.  The leopard print ones became the statement piece of the February LFW, followed by their tartan print upgrade in September LFW.

I invested in a pair this year, but now Whistles have introduced the Lena pump in all her glory as part of their new collection. If you're unsure on what to buy someone for Christmas and know they are a fan of shoes, then look no further than the Lenas. For the bolder try the leopard print and for the more girly try the pinks.

You can wear them with anything and everything: I use them as either a total statement piece with my basic greys and blues, or go the other way and mix them with prints and do a deliberate "clash of the fash" as my friend calls it... Either way, you'll be suitably on trend and most important - super comfortable.



Kate said...

Oh. My. God. These are amazing. What a find!

Kate said...
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Emma said...

These are so good, I love the pink ones. Definitely going on my Chrimbo list. xoxo

Georgia said...

I'm laughing at myself because in American English, pumps = heels. so when I clicked the link from your blog title I as a bit confused :) whatever you call them, I love 'em- they're just too easy and comfortable not to love.

Catherine said...

Argh why were these not in store when I was back in the UK last week! Love.

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